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Emerald Brand Launches Emerald Ecovations Materials and Licensing Division

Emerald Brand Launches Emerald Ecovations Materials and Licensing Division

Published 09-11-18

Submitted by Emerald Brand

Emerald Brand, known for its unique, Tree-Free™ and Plastic-free line of disposable products, has launched the Emerald Ecovations division, which licensees sustainable Tree-Free™ raw material and finished products to companies and brands across the globe.

Tree-Free™ material technology has been a staple of Emerald’s sustainable product line since the early 2000’s. With Emerald Ecovations licensing division in place, companies that wish to bring sustainable solutions into their own line of disposable paper and plastic products now have that opportunity.

The launch comes at an opportune time for brands that are heavily reliant on tree-based paper for their products or product packaging. Price instability and a lack of high-quality recycled material options have left many companies in a bind searching for affordable and sustainable raw materials. Market predictions show no signs that this trend will reverse anytime soon, making alternative fiber options even more alluring.

Emerald manufactures Tree-Free™ finished goods in a number of product categories, including towel, tissue, cup stock, folding carton board, packaging paper, molded fiber, and more. All manufacturing for Emerald’s licensing division is taking place in the U.S.

“The Emerald Ecovations launch is perhaps one of the most exciting launches since the Company’s founding. We can now bring sustainable materials and products to companies across the globe, which will result in an enormous environmental impact reduction. Broadening the scope of our Tree-Free™ material technology also gives brands a unique differentiator in a market that is, for the time being, still mostly dominated by tree fiber,” says Jaclyn McDuffey, Managing Director.

Early adopters licensing Emerald’s Tree-Free™ material production are already underway, with partnership announcements expected in Q4 2018.

About Emerald Brand:

Family owned and operated since 1997, Emerald Brand is committed to innovating through Tree-Free™, sustainable and rapidly renewable solutions. Emerald's innovations in Tree-Free™ technology and petroleum free plastics is revolutionizing packaging and disposables worldwide. Emerald's growing suite of 250+ sustainable finished products offers the workplace a healthier and more sustainable environment.

Our corporate solutions include educational forums, measurable environmental impact statements, and consulting services that are at the forefront of future movements in composting and recycling. Emerald Brand, in conjunction with Emerald Ecovations material technology group, will continue to innovate Emerald’s growing finished goods and retail packaging materials. The company’s mission of “Farm to Tissue®, Made in the USA" is on track to revolutionize the entire industry. 

Products are available for consumer purchase at and for businesses at

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Emerald Brand

Emerald Brand

Emerald Brand’s mission is to combat climate change by providing cost-effective sustainable disposable products to businesses and homes. With a line of over 225 products, Emerald can convert entire business facilities such as corporate offices, hotels, universities, and more to a full measureable sustainability platform in the cafeteria, breakroom, facilities, packaging, and cleaning categories.

Emerald specializes in producing Tree-Free and Petroleum-Free products made with agricultural fibers. This process supports local farmers, prevents deforestation, and prevents the burning of this formerly-wasted agricultural material.

You can learn more about Emerald Brand and the sustainable solutions they offer at

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