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Solidia Technologies’ Carbon Footprint-Reducing Cement and Concrete Showcased by Emissions Reduction Alberta at Annual Discovery Conference

Start-up discusses their low-carbon-emission cement and CO2-cured concrete and its applications for Canadian manufacturing

Published 05-02-18

Submitted by Solidia Technologies

Solidia Concrete™ CO2-cured pavers

 Solidia Technologies® and their sustainable cement and concrete technology traveled to Canada alongside Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) to showcase their award-winning carbon footprint-reducing innovation alongside other international sustainable entrepreneurs. Discovery is Canada's leading innovation-to-commercialization conference and attracts exhibitors and attendees from all across North America.

"We’re thrilled to present our uniquely sustainable cement and concrete systems in Canada, a large market for production and one clearly committed to sustainable innovation,” commented Solidia Technologies Director of Business Development Brian Leary. “We are grateful to ERA for continuing to recognize that our technology is an engine for growth and a smart investment opportunity.”

Solidia Technologies makes it easy and profitable to use carbon dioxide (COâ‚‚) to create superior and sustainable building materials. Solidia’s patented processes reduce CO2 emissions by 30 percent at the cement plant and capture another 240 kg of CO2 during cement curing. Combined, the technologies reduce the carbon footprint associated with concrete production up to 70 percent, and reduce water use 60 to 80 percent. Using the same raw materials and existing equipment as traditional concretes, the resulting COâ‚‚-cured Solidia Concrete™ products are higher performing, cost less to produce, and cure in less than 24 hours.

“We invited Solidia to participate with us as an ERA Grand Challenge award-winning innovation. This technology and its target market make it a standout advancement that could have a significant impact on greenhouse gas emissions worldwide,” said ERA CEO Steve MacDonald. 

Hosted by Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), Discovery brings together key players from industry, academia, government, the investment community as well as entrepreneurs and students to pursue collaboration opportunities. Garnering over 3,600 attendees and more than 540 exhibitors in 2017, Discovery is a showcase of leading-edge technologies, best practices and research from sectors such as health, manufacturing, digital media and cleantech, including energy, environment and water. 

Chosen by ERA’s Board of Directors, after a rigorous process that includes an assessment by a team of external adjudicators and review by an expert advisory panel, Solidia is one of four projects that advanced to the second round of the international ERA Grand Challenge: Innovative Carbon Uses. They will receive up to $3 million to accelerate and expand their low-carbon solution over the next two years. The winner of the multi-year competition will be named in 2019. 


About Solidia Technologies® 
Based in Piscataway, N.J. (USA), Solidia Technologies® is a cement and concrete technology company that makes it easy and profitable to use CO2 to create superior and sustainable building and construction materials. Solidia’s investors include Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Bright Capital, BASF, BP, LafargeHolcim, Total Energy Ventures, Bill Joy and other private investors. Honors include: 2017 ERA Grand Challenge Second Round Finalist, 2016 Sustainia 100; 2015 NJBiz Business of the Year; 2014 Global Cleantech 100; 2013 R&D Top 100; 2014 Best Place to Work in NJ; 2014 CCEMC Grand Challenge First Round finalist; 2013 Katerva Award finalist; and MIT’s Climate CoLab shortlist. Follow Solidia at and on LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter: @SolidiaCO2.

About Emissions Reduction Alberta
Emissions Reduction Alberta has evolved from Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management (CCEMC) Corporation. They work collaboratively with government, industry and the innovation community to secure a lower carbon future for Alberta. Government provides grants to ERA to enable it to fulfill its mandate. Its funding comes from Alberta’s large emitters who choose to pay into Alberta’s Climate Change and Emissions Management Fund.

Solidia logo

Solidia Technologies

Solidia Technologies

Solidia Technologies® is a cement and concrete technology company that makes it easy and profitable to use CO2 to create superior and sustainable building and construction materials.

Solidia’s patented processes start with an energy-saving cement that dramatically reduces CO2 emissions at the kiln. It then cures concrete with CO2 instead of water, reducing the overall carbon footprint of cement in precast concrete up to 70%.

At scale each year, Solidia precast can eliminate at least 1.5 gigatonnes of CO₂, save three trillion liters of fresh water, reduce energy consumption equal to ~260 million barrels of oil, and eliminate 100 million tonnes of concrete landfill waste.

Solidia's ready-mix applications go even further, offering the potential to transform concrete – the second most utilized material on the planet – into a carbon sink.

Produced using the same raw materials and existing equipment, Solidia products are higher performing and cost less to produce than traditional concrete, and cure in less than 24 hours. Solidia offers industry an easy-to-adopt, rapid and globally scalable response to one of the greatest threats to our planet.

Solidia Concrete for precast is currently available in the US. The ready-mix applications are currently in tests for infrastructure applications.

Based in Piscataway, N.J. (USA), Solidia’s investors include Kleiner PerkinsBright CapitalBASFBPLafargeHolcimTotal Energy VenturesOil and Gas Climate Initiative (OGCI) Climate InvestmentsAir LiquideBill Joy and other private investors.

Solidia’s R&D collaborators have included LafargeHolcimAir LiquideDOT’s Federal Highway AdministrationDOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory, the EPARutgers UniversityPurdue UniversityOhio University, and the University of South Florida.

Honors include: the 2020, 2019 and 2014 Global Cleantech 100; a 2020 and 2014 Best Place to Work in NJ; 2020, 2019 and 2018 BP Advancing Low Carbon accreditation; the 2019 Solar Impulse 1000 Efficient Solutions; 2017 ERA Grand Challenge (formerly CCEMC) finalist; 2016 Sustainia 100; 2015 NJBiz Business of the Year;  2014 CCEMC Grand Challenge finalist; 2013 R&D Top 100; 2013 Katerva Award finalist; and MIT’s Climate CoLab shortlist.

Follow Solidia on LinkedInInstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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