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Pioneering Playbook Released for Creating Sustainable, Healthy Workplaces Portfolio-wide

Pioneering Playbook Released for Creating Sustainable, Healthy Workplaces Portfolio-wide

Published 04-02-18

Submitted by Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.

5 Component Management Approach to Integrating Workplace Health & Wellness into Corporate Sustainability Strategies

Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. and Delos announce the release of the Playbook for Sustainably Healthy Workplaces: Making the Business Case for Integrating Health & Wellness into Portfolio-wide Sustainability Strategies. This Playbook grows out of the need expressed by Corporate Real Estate and Sustainability executives for alignment between real estate and operations management and employee health and wellness goals. As a growing body of evidence points to the clear link between sustainable workplaces and more healthy, satisfied and productive employees, aligning these functions is a clear imperative.

The Playbook provides executives responsible for managing real estate portfolios with the information and tools necessary to demonstrate the benefits of healthy workplaces and to build the business case for corporate investment in more sustainable, healthy workplaces portfolio-wide,” notes Peter Crawley, Director of Research & Consulting at Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. “What makes this Playbook so unique and valuable is that it takes a management approach to implementation and presents actionable portfolio-wide strategies versus single asset strategies.”

With the increased focus on well-being in building certifications and improved research techniques and technologies, we are at an unprecedented time to systematically implement and measure investments in healthy sustainable workplaces” adds Dr. Whitney Austin Gray, Senior Vice President leading Delos Insights. “This Playbook leverages these advances and offers companies guidance and tools to integrate health and wellness strategies into their portfolio-wide sustainability programs.

Through a collaboration with dozens of leading global companies and top institutional real estate investors, Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. has developed the Playbook to help companies address the challenges of designing, implementing, measuring and reporting performance in workplaces that improve the health and wellness of workers. This Playbook enables companies to integrate their efforts towards Sustainably Healthy Workplaces via a proven 5-component process that Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. developed to help Member-Clients implement their Corporate Operations Sustainability Strategies.

To me, the key work we can do on Earth is to boost health: for the planet and people,” notes David Gottfried, founder of the US Green Building Council. “However, sustainability and wellness typically operate on two different playing fields within an organization and our lives. This Playbook helps to bridge the gap between the two.

Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. is currently working with Member-Clients and industry experts to implement the Playbook tools and encourages executives interested in any aspect of the Playbook to contact us to develop a workplan for implementing this evidence-based strategy at their own company.

Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. (SR Inc) is the leader in Sustainability Program assistance.  SR Inc provides confidential, membership-based, strategic advisory & support services to help management teams set goals, drive progress & report results as they lead their organizations to greater sustainability. Customer, talent, investor and regulator interest in more sustainable and healthy real estate and corporate operations increases every year.  To help enterprises meet the expectations of these important stakeholders, SR Inc helps enterprises with industry specific Sustainability Programs across all areas of corporate operations with a special focus on Sustainably Healthy Workplaces, Renewable & Advanced Energy Strategies as well as program supporting information solutions. 

As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate™ and founder of the WELL Building Standard™, Delos is transforming homes, offices, schools and other indoor environments by placing health and wellness at the center of design and construction decisions. The Delos platform includes technology, consulting, research, design and innovative solutions for the built environment – creating spaces that nurture and promote human health and well-being. Informed by seven years of research, Delos has fostered research collaborations with the Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, a board of doctors from the Columbia University Medical Center and leading architects, scientists and wellness thought leaders to introduce wellness standards, programs and solutions into the built environment.  

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Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.

Sustainability Roundtable, Inc.

Sustainability Roundtable, Inc. (SR Inc) is the leader in outsourced Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) assistance. SR Inc’s Sustainable Business & Enterprise Roundtable (SBER) provides confidential, membership-based, Strategic Advisory & Support Services to help management teams set goals, drive progress, and report results as they lead their organizations to greater sustainability. SR Inc’s Renewable Energy Procurement Services (REPS) team is led by 20+ year experts focused on corporate renewable energy strategy development, markets, law, financing, technology, transaction structuring, negotiation services and procurement. For information regarding SR Inc’s Sustainable Business & Enterprise Roundtable service and/or SR Inc’s Renewable Energy Procurement Services, visit our website at

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