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Pure Strategies Celebrates 20 Years of Sustainability Leadership

Transforming Business through Sustainability Performance since 1998

Published 04-03-18

Submitted by OLD Pure Strategies

This month, Pure Strategies celebrates twenty years of sustainability consulting leadership. The company has helped build transformative strategies, improve products and packaging, and shift supply chains toward greater environmental and social performance for industry-leading companies including Walmart, Seventh Generation, Stonyfield Farms, Ben & Jerry’s, and over 100 other organizations.  

“As their sustainability advisors, we are proud of our client’s leading environmental and social performance over the past two decades,” said Tim Greiner, Pure Strategies Co-Founder and Managing Director.  “The top companies have had a notable impact, transitioning environmental and social norms from a compliance mentality to a value-generating business strategy.  We look forward to continued partnerships with companies aimed at meeting society’s need for an accelerated pace of change and with solutions at scale.” 

Such progress will be underpinned by greater corporate engagement in public policy to raise the level of performance across all companies with leading firms staying ahead of these new regulations.  Additional future-focused corporate priorities will include:

  • Transforming business models and industries to be inherently environmentally and socially responsible

  • Imbedding transparency from cradle to grave for supply chain partners and consumers

  • Collaborating to advance to a low carbon economy with safe materials and regenerative and fair supply chains 

To advance the change needed, in addition to its client work, Pure Strategies’ leading market research and published reports provide insights on best practices in and the business benefits of corporate sustainability – such as showing that sustainability is redefining the source business value.  The company also co-founded the first ever scorecard for measuring corporate progress on material health known as The Chemical Footprint Project used by investors and across industries to advance sustainable chemicals management. 

Pure Strategies is offering two workshops this year to engage with peers and gain in-depth knowledge to advanced efforts on key sustainability strategies:

Bob Kerr, Pure Strategies Co-Founder and Principal notes that, “At the core of our work is the belief that businesses can do well while being a force for doing good.  We are B Corp certified to reinforce this.  We will continue to create tools and approaches to advance the transformation we helped start 20 years ago – in our efforts to help ensure a sustainable future for all.”    

About Pure Strategies
Pure Strategies has been transforming business through sustainability performance since 1998. Our team helps companies initiate and enhance existing sustainability programs by setting meaningful goals, devising effective management strategies, and making changes to products and supply chains that deliver value to the business and society. Our clients include Walmart, Wrangler, Seventh Generation, Sephora, Ben & Jerry’s, and Radio Flyer. Pure Strategies is proud to be a Co-Founder of The Chemical Footprint Project, licensed GreenScreen® Consultant, The Sustainability Consortium registered service provider staff member, and certified B Corp

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OLD Pure Strategies

Pure Strategies, a leading U.S. sustainability consulting firm, helps organizations gain strategic and financial benefits by helping them improve the sustainability of their organizations, their products, and their supply chains. Our team includes experts in corporate sustainability strategy and reporting, life cycle assessment (LCA), chemicals and materials assessment, product sustainability, and supply chain sustainability assessment and engagement. Our clients include Stonyfield Farm, Seventh Generation, The North Face, Walmart, EMD Millipore, Biogen, and other leading consumer products and B2B companies.

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