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ZDHC Recognizes GreenScreen Certified™ by Clean Production Action as Indicator of Level 1 MRSL Conformance

Leading NGO in clean production aligns with apparel & footwear collaboration to transform chemical use in the sector

ZDHC Recognizes GreenScreen Certified™ by Clean Production Action as Indicator of Level 1 MRSL Conformance

Leading NGO in clean production aligns with apparel & footwear collaboration to transform chemical use in the sector

Published 02-21-18

Submitted by Clean Production Action

Today Clean Production Action and the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme announced GreenScreen Certified™ as the newest accepted certification standard for ZDHC Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (ZDHC MRSL) Conformance.

“The ZDHC MRSL is a list of chemical substances banned from intentional use in facilities that process textile materials, leather, and trim parts in textiles and footwear,” explained Scott Echols, Programme Director at ZDHC. “The ZDHC MRSL conformance process offers brands, material suppliers, and product finishers a choice of recognized and accepted options to demonstrate MRSL conformance. We are proud to announce the GreenScreen Certified™ Standard for Textile Chemicals as the sixth ZDHC Accepted provider of services to indicate Level 1 conformance to the ZDHC MRSL.”

GreenScreen Certified builds from Clean Production Action’s widely acclaimed chemical hazard assessment tool, GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals. GreenScreen defines the path to safer chemicals for industry standards and ecolabels, like the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED standard for green buildings, BIFMA’s LEVEL® standard for sustainable furniture, and EPEAT standards and TCO Certified for electronics.

“We are excited to integrate GreenScreen into ZDHC’s community of users,” highlighted Shari Franjevic, GreenScreen Program Manager at Clean Production Action. “We have over 60 textile chemical formulations certified to GreenScreen. Formulators use GreenScreen Certified to communicate achievement and suppliers and brands use GreenScreen Certified to select products.  All members of the value chain benefit by meeting or exceeding their sustainability goals while reducing their regulatory and reputational risks related to chemicals.”

All levels of GreenScreen Certified – bronze, silver, and gold – achieve ZDHC MRSL Level 1 conformance and can be included and verified in the ZDHC Gateway – Chemical Module. Formulators with GreenScreen Certified products, including Beyond Surface Technologies, Epygen Labs, Kemin Industries’ Garmon brand, and TLP International, can now list them in the ZDHC Gateway.

The Garmon brand, recently acquired by Kemin Industries, is the forward-looking R&D leader in total chemical solutions for garment finishes. Garmon was the first chemical formulator with GreenScreen Certified products. “GreenScreen Certified gives us the platform to clearly communicate our commitment to environmentally sound solutions for the denim and fashion industries,” highlighted Kimberly Nelson, Textile Auxiliaries – Business Development Manager of Garmon Chemicals for Kemin Industries.

To learn more about GreenScreen Certified and ZDHC MRSL Conformance contact us at


About Clean Production Action

Clean Production Action’s mission is to design and deliver strategic solutions for green chemicals, sustainable materials, and environmentally preferable products. Our tools – including GreenScreen® for Safer Chemicals and the Chemical Footprint Project – simplify the complexity of reducing the chemical footprint of hazardous chemicals. Our collaborations such as the BizNGO working group provide effective platforms for businesses and leaders from nonprofit, investment, government, and academia to work together to advance safer chemicals and healthy materials.

About the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme 

The ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme is an industry coalition of over 85 contributors working together to eliminate and substitute hazardous chemicals from the global textile, apparel, leather,and footwear value chain.  

ZDHC’s vision is the widespread implementation of sustainable chemistry driving innovations and best practices in textile, apparel, and footwear industries to protect consumers, workers, and the environment.

For more information about the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme, visit:

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Clean Production Action

Clean Production Action

Imagine a world where...

Every product and production system is clean and healthy for all people and the planet.

No one is subject to exposure to toxic chemicals regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or socioeconomic status.  

The disease rates for cancer, infertility, asthma, and learning disabilities are falling rapidly among every demographic.

Pollution, landfills, and incinerators are no longer.

Governments and markets reward healthy products, clean production systems, and a circular economy. 

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