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iCause to Increase Nonprofit Engagement

Published 02-19-18

Submitted by iCause

iCause seeks to simplify volunteerism and community involvement by bridging the gap between nonprofits and individuals, to make their engagement more sustainable.

Over the last few years, many sources have reported a decrease in the US volunteer rate. According to Tess Srebro of VolunteerMatch some reasons for this trend are:

  • Nonprofits lack the resources to effectively engage volunteers

  • Individuals have less time on their hands due to increased work and stress

  • A shift away from community involvement due to the emergence of social media

  • The international climate causing people to move more often in their lifetime

There is an endless supply of reasons that could explain why volunteer rates are falling. Last year, upon seeing the results, VolunteerMatch President Greg Baldwin argued that volunteer rates are falling because the US, as a nation, doesn’t invest enough resources in the nonprofit sector.  Without resources, nonprofits simply don’t have the capacity to effectively engage volunteers.

“iCause solves this problem by providing a free marketing, events, and rewards software suite for nonprofits. This unique and proprietary platform is perfect for engaging and rewarding volunteers who are involved with cause.” Kevin McAhren, CEO

The number one goal of iCause is to reverse the decrease in volunteerism and improve nonprofit engagement.

To learn more about iCause and to find events:

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