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Tennaxia and Altanova Form U.S. Partnership

Published 02-09-18

Submitted by Tennaxia

 Tennaxia, a French market leader in sustainability data collection and analytics solutions, has formed a partnership in the U.S. with Altanova, a technical and strategy consulting firm focused on sustainable growth and shared value creation based in New York City. The partnership will offer a combination of technology and services to help clients improve, scale up or streamline their efforts in this evolving field.    

The Tennaxia–Altanova collaboration will help the growing number of companies in need to meet complex corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting standards, as well as those aligning sustainability and core business objectives. This includes businesses involved in measuring, analyzing and improving environmental and CSR strategies and programs.

“Tennaxia has entered the U.S. market with a proven software, which can be tailored to customer needs for collecting data across sites and for a variety of reporting obligations,” explains Juliette Barre, Principal, Tennaxia North America.  

“We have connected with Altanova because of their expertise and experience in the U.S.,” she adds. “Sustainability and management teams will have everything they need for measurement, compliance and business analysis – tailored web-based platform along with hands-on strategy and support services. Dozens of interviews with sustainability leaders in the U.S. demonstrated the value of such a combination.”

For Julien Lafond, Managing Partner at Altanova, “the partnership between Tennaxia and Altanova provides North American companies with a fresh view on environmental and social impact accounting and strategy from two proven providers with extensive international experience. This partnership allows clients of all sizes to access at once the proven solutions and industry experience of Tennaxia with the depth of Altanova’s technical and business expertise for more simplicity and impact.”

About Tennaxia
Tennaxia, founded in 2001, already powers more than 10,000 customer sites in 70 countries. The company’s software has been battle tested in France, where government regulations are even more stringent than in the U.S.  The technology offers three levels of validation and verification to confirm data quality.  Major European companies using Tennaxia’s software include AXA, Peugeot-Citroen, Group Bel (producer of Laughing Cow and Baby Bel cheeses), Auchan, a global retailer, and GeoPost, the “Fed-Ex” of Europe. For more information,

About Altanova
ALTANOVA is the trusted advisory and implementation partner of operational and strategic executives managing the impacts of the world’s most crucial environmental and social challenges on their organizations.  Since 2006, Altanova engineers, scientists and consultants have overseen high impact real estate, corporate, and investment projects worldwide.  They have supported over 400 projects including design and construction of award-winning facilities and campuses, major investments, Fortune-500 product development decisions, and strategies positively impacting performance and well-being for tens of thousands of employees worldwide, prompting some of their clients to rise to the top of sustainability rankings. For more information, visit:

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Tennaxia, helps you to grow sustainably! Since 2001, Tennaxia has been helping companies to sustain and improve their sustainability performance by providing them with overall solutions combining on-line software with business consulting. Tennaxia helps more specifically with managing companies' Corporate Responsibility performance, facilitating Environment, Health and Safety governance, reducing EHS risks and costs, complying with their regulatory obligations; and finally, anticipating stakeholder expectations. Tennaxia's client-centered innovations and unique service is highlighted by its 100% retention rate year after year among its clients in many different industries: automotive, food processing, chemicals, electronics, energy, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, etc

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