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Infographic: Impact Investing and Healthcare Study

New research from American Century Investments

Infographic: Impact Investing and Healthcare Study

New research from American Century Investments

Published 02-22-17

Submitted by American Century Investments


  • American Century Investments conducted an online survey with 1,028 adults to better understand millennials, Gen Xers and baby boomers’ investment habits and their interest in “impact investing” – that is, investing in companies, organizations and funds that have a beneficial impact on society, while also providing a financial return to investors.

Key study findings include:

  • Over half (54%) of millennials consider an investment’s societal impact as an important factor in their decision making process – significantly more than Gen Xers and baby boomers (34% and 37%, respectively).
  • Impact investments appeal to half (51%) of millennials, compared to two in five (37%) Gen Xers and one in three (32%) baby boomers.
  • One in three (31%) millennials say healthcare, including disease prevention and cures, is the cause that matters most to them if they were to make an impact investment.


American Century’s take on Impact Investing: 

  • Impact investing encompasses investments that have a measurable, beneficial impact on society, while also providing investors with a potential return.
  • Similarly, American Century views its unique ownership model and the legacy of its founder as the ultimate example of investing with impact.
  • American Century’s late founder James Stowers, Jr. and his wife, Virginia, transferred their equity ownership stake in American Century to the endowment supporting the Stowers Institute, which has resulted in more than 40 percent of the global asset management firm’s annual dividends being directed toward medical research.
  • Since 2000, nearly $1.3 billion in dividends have been distributed to the Institute. 

Meet Diane:  

  • Diane Gallagher is vice president of Practice Management at American Century Investments.
  • Diane offers insightful observations based on 20+ years of experience in the investment industry. As well as, why the firm’s ownership structure touches her personally.
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American Century Investments

American Century Investments

American Century Investments® is a global asset manager focused on delivering investment results and building long-term client relationships while supporting research that can improve health and save lives. It’s how we and our clients together Prosper With Purpose.™

Every day people are increasingly focused on investing to make the world a better place for themselves, their families, their organizations and the world at large. It is possible to live a more meaningful and impactful life and give back something that’s more valuable than money. When you invest with us, you can also invest in the future of others and have the potential to impact the lives of millions. That’s possible because of the distinct relationship with the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, which owns more than 40% of American Century Investments. Our dividend payments provide ongoing financial support for the Institute’s work of uncovering the causes, treatments and prevention of life-threatening diseases, like cancer. With responsible investing firmly rooted in our DNA, American Century’s focus on ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) factors is integral to our corporate citizenship and business model.

Together we can become a powerful force for good... it’s like nothing you’ve seen before from an investment management firm.

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