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FigBytes Announces Major Software Upgrade

United Nations Global Goals Framework Added to Sustainability/CSR Strategy Suite of Solutions

Published 02-22-17

Submitted by FigBytes Inc.

FigBytes' software upgrade can now embed the UN Global Goals in every aspect of your sustainability plan, from strategy to data mapping

FigBytes, (“FigBytes” or “the company”), the leading provider of software for strategic sustainability/CSR, today announced it has launched Version 2.0 of the FigBytes Sustainability Platform, featuring a new functionality to embed the United Nations' Global Goals framework into their clients’ sustainability and CSR strategies, data, and reporting.  This added feature will add one of the world’s most significant, globally recognized sustainability frameworks to FigBytes’ already extensive offering.

FigBytes has pioneered the development of software that supports strategic sustainability and CSR with their flagship FigBytes Sustainability Platform, by empowering their clients to move beyond Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) compliance to future-proofing their strategy and brand.  The company replaces static charts and graphs that need to be manually placed into “traditional” PDF and paper reports, with cloud-based Living Infographics (TM) functionality, allowing close to real-time “data-driven storytelling (TM)”.

The adoption of the UN Global Goals by corporate, government and NGO leaders is a crucial call to action to meet humankind's highest aspirations.  The Goals can create instant understanding of an organization’s social, environmental, and economic achievements within a global context. 

Colin Grant, FigBytes' Co-CEO and Chief of Strategy, states, "This Version 2.0 software upgrade will give organizations even more options to utilize FigBytes’ unique Living Infographics (TM) functionality. The 17 UN Global Goals are globally recognized as a strategic, forward-looking framework and will complement our existing suite of engagement and reporting frameworks available in FigBytes, including the GRI, CDP and SASB.  The UN Global Goals functionality provides a visually appealing way to unite the myriad efforts undertaken across corporate, governmental and NGO sectors and to move beyond compliance approaches into a new stage of forward-looking, science-based targets.  Our clients can now embed the UN Global Goals into every level of their sustainability and CSR activities, from data management and reporting frameworks to strategy maps and brand.”  

Michael Meehan, FigBytes advisor and former CEO of the Global Reporting Initiative, states, "There are three main trends in sustainability today:

  • First, companies around the world are bringing sustainability into the boardroom, getting behind forward-looking initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Investors are also looking to sustainability to identify risk in their portfolios, with new standards emerging throughout the world. "‹

  • At the same time, companies are reporting more than ever with a wide range of standards and frameworks to create sustainability reports, with tens of thousands of companies collecting this information every year.

But there are few ways to connect all of this, so sustainability and CSR data rarely become strategic because of a lack of technology within the nexus that connects these three trends. "‹

That’s what makes FigBytes’ approach unique.  By connecting data to strategy and brand, FigBytes is taking a refreshing and critical step in making sustainability a key part of every company’s strategy.”

For information or a product demo, email or visit to learn more.  

About FigBytes
The FigBytes Sustainability Platform is cloud-based software that empowers corporations, cities, and other organizations to integrate the principles of environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) into core strategies and brand.   FigBytes replaces outdated, disconnected reporting tools with a cloud-based system that can transform raw data into intuitive and beautiful visualizations of strategy, performance, and brand.

FigBytes Inc. logo

FigBytes Inc.

FigBytes Inc.

FigBytes is a cloud-based technology company with a mission - to empower organizations to tackle the key challenges of the 21st century by integrating their sustainability strategies with their social, environmental, and economic data.

Data-driven storytelling is a key component of the FigBytes platform. Our robust data management tools process complex data and transform them into “beyond-reporting” visualisations that convey the story that the metrics cannot achieve when they are segregated into spreadsheets, presentation decks, PDFs and old fashioned EHS data system charts and graphs. FigBytes replaces multiple layers of disconnected Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and clunky EHS compliance systems.

Flexible presentation options create beautifully simple representations of strategy and progress that make sense from the boardroom to the website and even a customer's social media feeds. Organizations can now move beyond the traditional “reporting to stakeholders” to a 21st century “engagement with people” approach.

We offer built-in, globally recognized reporting frameworks including:

  • SASB
  • GRI
  • CDP
  • IIRC

Our newest version 2.0 also introduces the forward-looking, collaborative UN Global Goals framework, which can be implemented at multiple levels, from data and reporting framework integration to making sense of high level goals and aspirations.

FigBytes is the only truly integrated sustainability software solution.

Michael Meehan, former GRI CEO says this about FigBytes ability to connect strategy to data and brand:

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