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Greenplay® Organics Partners with Target Technologies

Greenplay® Organics Partners with Target Technologies

Published 01-17-17


White House specifies Greenplay Organic Infill

Domenic Carapella, President and Founder of Greenplay Organics, LLC was the first person to introduce plant-based organic infill for synthetic turf into North America in 2006. Based on a strong belief that “natural always makes things better” he set on a mission to make organic infill the best possible alternative option for synthetic turf. Working exclusively with organic turf infill for over a decade now, his depth of knowledge and practical experience with organics remains unparalleled in the turf industry. Through his steadfast determination and dedication to quality and service, organic infill is finally a popular option and widely accepted for use in sports fields, recreational and landscape turf applications. Universities, high schools, private schools, playgrounds, luxury resorts and even The White House have upgraded their synthetic turf with Greenplay® organic infill (Domenic is pictured on the South Lawn).

Through experience and constant development, the original blend of coconut fibers and cork has been improved into the new second generation Greenplay® Corkonut that is proven superior. Greenplay Organics now also offers a pure, highly durable and resilient granular cork option called ProFormance Cork, or PFC, for environments that have little or no access to moisture, but still require a performance based and environmentally harmonious natural infill.

With the increased demand for organic infill options, Greenplay Organics, LLC was ready for the right distribution partner to take the business to the next level. The mandate from the beginning was to be able to provide non-proprietary alternative organic infills to all of the turf manufacturers and the public in general. Domenic believes that a customer should not be forced to buy a specific brand of turf just to enjoy the benefits of a better infill. “The infill must be available to everyone, especially when concerns for health and safety are factored into the decision of installing turf.”

For these reasons Domenic partnered with like-minded industry dynamo John B. Giraud and his awesome team at Target Technologies International, INC. (TTII). TTII, owned by QUIKRETE, based in Atlanta, is widely recognized as the industry leader for synthetic turf infill through steadfast integrity and by providing world class logistical services. John alone has over 44 years of expertise in the supply of silica sands for synthetic turf and has since firmly established Target Technologies as the premium supplier of sand for the turf industry, expertly serving contractors and manufacturers for decades. As a true steward of nature, John has received government recognition for his work in protecting the environment and supplying environmentally conscience products. Providing organic Greenplay® products through the powerhouse that is TTII provides the opportunity to finally achieving the ultimate goal of offering the best possible infill choices to anyone who wants it….anytime…anywhere. Believing now more than ever that “natural always makes things better”, it was natural for Greenplay Organics to partner with Target Technologies!

John B. Giraud states; “TTII’s business model is only to offer the very best products with respect to the environment and safety of the player of all ages and Greenplay Organics LLC meets and exceeds TTII criteria for a reliable infill for every application for synthetic turf.”

This combined team remains poised to provide the absolute best industry liaison with architects, designers, consultants, turf manufacturers, contractors and the public with constantly updated safety, environmental and performance testing on all products offered to assist with design and specifications. 

About Greenplay Organics, LLC.
Greenplay Organics, LLC. Is privately owned United States Corporation based in New York with locally warehoused inventory immediately available in addition to drop shipping of containers to job sites for larger bulk orders. Greenplay® products are non-proprietary and not affiliated with any specific turf company. Greenplay Organics is partnered with growers of pesticide free crops utilized specifically for food source. The organic plant-based materials are blended by utilizing proprietary natural processing methods that are chemical free. Greenplay® products are readily available to municipalities and homeowner’s alike and for all turf specifications. All products are non-allergenic and very low abrasive, low density materials that are 100% recyclable directly back into nature. Quality, performance and durability are vertically integrated starting with the control of the raw materials through processing and distribution.

For more information, visit: or call 516-223-0202.

About Target Technologies International, Inc.
The TTII staff has over 60 years of combined experience. From sales and marketing, to worldwide supply-chain and logistics planning. TTII’s goal and success is based on relationships, integrity, quality and logistical services and at all times supplying environmentally conscious products. By focusing on our core competency of supplying progressive environmentally friendly products, our aim is to be world-class both in our business and in our community. Our most valued resource is our people, and the wealth of knowledge and abilities that they bring to Target Technologies. Whatever your logistics requirements for synthetic sports field design and construction, TTII is there for you. Our strength is the knowledge and experience of our team of operations and procurement people. Whether it’s a complete package of purchasing, shipping, and on-time coordinated site delivery – or simply arranging a best-value source for your projectTTII is the leader in customer / vendor relations.

For more information, visit: or call 1-888-887-7373






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