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Synthetic Turf Goes Natural Coast to Coast with Greenplay®

Synthetic Turf Goes Natural Coast to Coast with Greenplay®

Published 01-10-17


Above: Andover HS Below: Lake Tahoe Community College

The mandate of Greenplay Organics, LLC is to build on our ten years of experience working exclusively with organic infill and providing it to the general public as non-proprietary turf infill, available through all turf manufacturers. As such, our second generation “Corkonut” blend of natural coconut fibers and cork infill for synthetic turf continues to enhance successful synthetic turf installations across the country. Two recent projects that we are especially proud of are the Sprinturf installations at Andover High School in Andover, MA and at the Lake Tahoe Community College in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Designed by Huntress Sports, the new field at Andover High School is designed to blend with the beauty of the natural environment while providing world class performance characteristics and player safety.  The design incorporates the Sprinturf UltraBlade DF Extreme dual fiber blend, consisting of 330 micron diamond shaped fibers and 120 micron slit film for enhanced durability and performance stability. The 3/8” tufting gauge perfectly integrates with the natural coconut fiber and cork matrix of the organic infill to further reduce migration and maintain consistent infill levels to better coincide with the intensity of play. The response from the athletic staff and players has been overwhelmingly positive across the board. The comparisons to pristine natural grass are abundant, not just aesthetically, but more importantly a result of the natural feel of the turf, enhanced foot stability and a low abrasive index of 21. Even on the hottest days of the summer, the turf was cool enough to be played on barefoot, a direct result of the superior inherent moisture retention and the natural evaporative effect of the organic infill.

“We could not be more pleased with the GreenPlay product, their attention to detail and follow-up customer service. The new field at Andover High School has been met with great reviews and we will be sure to include GreenPlay in future project specifications.” Christian Huntress, Huntress Sports.

Over on the other side of the country another masterpiece was installed by Sprinturf for the Lake Tahoe Community College soccer program. Situated at 6,200 feet elevation in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain range in California and next to the largest Alpine lake in North America, the natural integrity of the environment takes priority, especially when synthetic turf is considered in lieu of natural grass. The program not only required a FIFA Quality turf to serve the elite soccer program, but the college insisted on an experienced turf manufacturer that could provide a premium soccer field to withstand the extreme weather conditions. Once again Sprinturf and Greenplay® fulfilled the requirements. The project was designed by AP Architects of Bakersfield, CA with longtime industry authority Joseph DiGeronimo consulting on behalf of the owner. This world class specification utilizes the FIFA tested Sprinturf MX Extreme 330 micron, diamond shaped monofilament at 52 ounces over a Brock shock pad. Topping it off is the tried and true Greenplay® Gen 2 “Corkonut” organic infill. Winning Athletic Director and Soccer Coach Al Frangione was very specific on the type of infill he wanted for his players after having spent many seasons visiting and playing in facilities across the country. He was set on organic infill for his turf with his number one choice being Greenplay®…not only for the playability and natural grass like performance it offers, but also for the depth of knowledge, experience and service the Greenplay® brand offers.   

Greenplay® puts the nature back into turf for ultimate performance, safety and environmental responsibility. It is the perfect infill for all sports applications, recreational areas, playgrounds and landscapes.

Please be aware that not all organic infills are the same. Greenplay® stands alone, so be sure to specify correctly.

About Greenplay Organics
Greenplay® is a second generation organic infill that is the result of ten years of experience of working exclusively with organic infill. No company in North America has the depth of knowledge or passion for this type of product. Gen 2 Greenplay® is tested against the best and is proven to be the most durable organic infill product available. With quality control as its top mandate, Greenplay Organics specifically sources materials from pesticide free crops and blends by utilizing proprietary natural processing methods. Greenplay® is sold as being non-proprietary in the market and available for all turf specifications.  Quality, performance and durability are vertically integrated starting with the control of the raw materials through processing and distribution.

For more information, visit or call 516-223-0202.

Greenplay® is distributed by Target Technologies International Inc., or call 1-888-887-7373

About Sprinturf
SPRINTURF, founded in the 1990's and acquired by Integrated Turf Solutions (ITS) in 2010, is the first fully integrated polyethylene turf company in North America to offer a full range of artificial turf products. SPRINTURF has more than 1,400 turf installations dating back to 1998 in leading sports programs, colleges, universities and professional athletic teams across North America and abroad. Its high-performing, dual-yarn systems are manufactured in the USA at SPRINTURF facilities in Alabama and Georgia. SPRINTURF is the only company in North America that extrudes 100% of its fibers in-house and in the USA.

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