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Agrium to Support the Largest Corporate Sustainability Network in Canada as a Visionary Supporter

Published 12-05-16

Submitted by Global Compact Network Canada

 Agrium, a worldwide producer and distributor of agricultural products and services, became a Visionary Supporter of the Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) – the Canadian network of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). Agrium’s decision to increase its support for GCNC stems from its determination to support and help the world achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. The GCNC is heavily involved with the 17 Global Goals and is spearheading their implementation in Canada. 

Agrium was one of the recipients of the Canadian SDG Awards 2016 hosted by the GCNC. The Awards recognized the company’s accomplishments in striving to implement the 17 SDGs. Agrium also worked with the United Nations to develop a free App, Global Hero, to promote the SDGs at a high-level and interactive way amongst global consumers.

As a Participant of the GCNC, Agrium has been able to partake in many of its programs to improve upon its sustainability efforts and initiatives. Agrium was the Winner of GCNC’s Reporting Peer Review Program 2016 Fall Session, where the company received recognition from its peers for having the best sustainability reports.

The company will continue to support the SDGs and the GCNC as a Visionary Supporter throughout 2017. Agrium believes in the work of the GCNC, and it seeks to help shape a world where business, government, and non-for-profit can work collaboratively to make a meaningful contribution to sustainable development.

Agrium has also been a signatory to the UNGC since 2008 and a Participant of the GCNC since 2014 and has since helped farmers intensify crop production, achieve food security, reduce poverty and improve air quality. 

Agrium seeks to feed the world responsibly in a manner that aligns itself with the 17 SDGs.  Agrium’s sustainability mission is to help farmers increase food production while supporting the use of the 4R Nutrient Stewardship system. The 4R Nutrient Stewardship system helps farmers across the world meet their economic, social, and environmental goals while enhancing food security, improving water quality, enriching soils, and increasing economic returns for farmers.

About the Global Compact Network Canada

The Global Compact Network Canada (GCNC) is the Canadian Network of the United Nations Global Compact - the world's largest voluntary corporate sustainability initiative. The GCNC supports Canadian businesses in the implementation of the 10 Principles of the UNGC and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The GCNC builds the capacity of the Canadian corporate sector to embrace sustainable business practices by facilitating and creating opportunities for multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

About Agrium

Agrium Inc. is a major global producer and distributor of agricultural products, services and solutions. Agrium produces nitrogen, potash and phosphate fertilizers, with a combined wholesale nutrient capacity of over nine million tonnes and with significant competitive advantages across our product lines. We supply key products and services directly to growers, including crop nutrients, crop protection, seed, as well as agronomic and application services, thereby helping growers to meet the ever growing global demand for food and fibre. Agrium retail-distribution has an unmatched network of over 1,400 facilities and over 3,800 crop consultants who provide advice and products to our grower customers to help them increase their yields and returns on hundreds of different crops. With a focus on sustainability, the company strives to improve the communities in which it operates through safety, education, environmental improvement and new technologies such as the development of precision agriculture and controlled release nutrient products. Agrium is focused on driving operational excellence across our businesses, pursuing value-enhancing growth opportunities and returning capital to shareholders. For more information visit:

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Global Compact Network Canada

Global Compact Network Canada

The UN Global Compact is the world’s largest voluntary corporate responsibility initiative with over 10,000 signatories in 130 countries committing to ten universally accepted principles. The Global Compact Network Canada builds the capacity of the Canadian corporate sector to embrace sustainable business practices.

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