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C iGIVE: New Organization Will Enable Millennial Entrepreneurs and Activists to Change the World

Providing enterprising youth with tools and resources to create a better world

Published 08-31-16

Submitted by C iGIVE

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Ms. Cheri Kaufman, a prominent member of New York’s philanthropic community, has announced the formation of a new organization to assist enterprising, non-profit start-ups in communities around the world, by connecting their efforts with leadership networks, mentors and financial sources. Ms. Kaufman made the announcement as she delivered a keynote address to more than 1,400 delegates to the United Nations’ 2016 Summer Youth Assembly in the hall of the General Assembly.

The new organization is named “C iGIVE, Cheri Kaufman” after its founder and CEO, and can be visited at its ‘opportunity hub’ – Ms. Kaufman wants to reach the millennial generation that is already making its mark in the global community by their extensive involvement in charitable causes, and their use of social media and innovative approaches to world challenges. The majority of the delegates at the Youth Assembly were between 18 and 35 years of age.

The Youth Assembly, which convenes twice a year at the United Nations, is organized by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation, and is dedicated to furthering the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals. “You have come here,” Ms. Kaufman said, “from all points of the compass and from nearly every continent, to be with others who share your global idealism, your empathy for fellow humans, and your determinations to make a difference.”

Throughout her address, Ms. Kaufman praised the millennials in the Assembly for their demonstrated desire and efforts to “transform vision into action,” this year’s theme for the conference. “You are going to change the world—with new products, new ways of thinking, new tools and an amazing sense of yourselves, your peers and your global contemporaries,” she said.

She exhorted the youthful assembly members: “You want a better world—go create it!”

Ms. Kaufman was surrounded by youth delegates who wanted to learn more, following her address, and the new website immediately began receiving social media inquires, including requests from young activists needing guidance, leadership, and/or support to help transform their charitable visions into real-world solutions. Many wanted to make a difference and many expressed hope that C iGIVE would help them find the means or the methods to make their voices heard and their impact felt.

C iGIVE was founded on the principle that millennials possess a unique understanding of the social, economic and global challenges of our time; as well as the spirit, drive, and youthful passion required to overcome them. Now, in association with organizations such as the United Nations, Museum of Modern Art, National Women’s History Museum, Lifeline, and countless business and philanthropic leaders, C iGIVE will be helping young aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders shape our future. To learn more, visit:



C iGIVE is committed to empowering the charitable spirit of enterprising millennials by connecting them with the patronage and support of leaders throughout the business and philanthropic world.

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