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Premiers Gather at GLOBE 2016 to Discuss Climate Action

Premiers Gather at GLOBE 2016 to Discuss Climate Action

Published 02-16-16

Submitted by GLOBE Series

At least three Canadian premiers will together take the stage at GLOBE 2016 in a candid discussion of climate action and the opportunities of the low-carbon economy.

Hon. Greg Selinger, Premier of Manitoba, Hon. Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario and Hon. Philippe Couillard, Premier of Quebec will participate in a candid Premiers' Armchair Dialogue at the Globe Leadership Summit, 5:30 pm on Thursday, March 3. 

The session will immediately follow a First Ministers Meeting of provincial premiers, also in Vancouver, focused on climate change.

“Provincial governments are tackling climate on multiple fronts—via a variety of innovative policies and market signals” said Mike Gerbis, CEO of GLOBE Series. “For this special session, premiers will come straight out of their meeting with the Prime Minister to share insights on how they’re bending the curve on carbon while creating jobs and spurring low-carbon development.” 

The GLOBE 2016 Leadership Summit and Innovation Exposition will run at the Vancouver Convention Centre from March 2 to 4, 2016.

Quick Conference Facts

  • The Rt. Honourable Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada will deliver the keynote speech at GLOBE Series Leadership Summit and Innovation Expo at 9:00 am, on March 2, 2016. 

  • The Honourable Premier Christy Clark will deliver remarks to kick off the GLOBE Leadership Summit and Innovation Expo at 8:30 am March 2, 2016.

To view the full conference program visit, and for updates follow us @GLOBE_Series and #GLOBE2016

Media accreditation is open for GLOBE 2016. We invite members of the working press to apply at

The GLOBE 2016 Leadership Summit and Innovation Exposition, held every two years in Vancouver, hosts business, policy, and civil society leaders working to address pressing global challenges with business and technology solutions.

About GLOBE Series: GLOBE Series is a private company headquartered in Vancouver, Canada that works to shape global, regional and industry agendas for a sustainable future.

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GLOBE Series

For the past 25 years, GLOBE Series has served as the nexus for global networking and leadership on the business of the environment. We’re about ‘Business Innovation for the Planet’ and thinking outside the box. GLOBE Series helps thousands of leaders devise winning strategies to spearhead their sectors while conserving resources, igniting innovation, and fueling ideas to help increase resiliency and reduce risk. GLOBE Series is proud to produce two biennial award-winning events: GLOBE Forum and GLOBE Capital.

GLOBE Forum offers an exciting vibe and international flair where innovators come to launch new products and partnerships. Held every two years in Vancouver, Canada, GLOBE Forum draws the best and brightest of the international sustainable business community from nearly 60 countries.

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GLOBE Capital is where leaders discuss how to mobilize and accelerate the capital necessary to transform our economy. Goals of this conference are to attract both innovation and new pools of capital to fund advanced, low-carbon infrastructure while mitigating investment risk and enhancing returns.

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