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Twice as Many Food & Beverage Companies Have Achieved Increased Sales From Product Sustainability Programs, According to New Research from Pure Strategies

Published 10-13-15

Submitted by OLD Pure Strategies

The Food and Beverage Industry: Advancing on the Path to Product Sustainability

 Pure Strategies, a leading sustainability consulting firm with expertise in helping businesses build and enhance sustainability initiatives, is pleased to share insight on the status and future of product sustainability programs specific to the food and beverage industry in the report, The Food and Beverage Industry: Advancing on the Path to Product Sustainability. This report was developed as part of Pure Strategies’  2015 market research.

The 2015 survey found more food and beverage companies developing product sustainability programs, with 100% of those surveyed with product sustainability goals in 2015 up from 82% in 2013. More food companies are also gaining benefits from their product sustainability efforts, with employee engagement and supply chain risk reduction topping the list. 

“Our company’s product environmental programs are delivering efficiencies from the farm through to logistics and reducing risk and improving resilience for the farmer and our company.” John Rogers, Global Director of Agricultural Development, Anheuser-Busch InBev. 

Growth opportunities from product sustainability show promising results, with 46% of companies reporting increased sales, up from 19% in 2013. 

While progress is evident, food and beverage companies have a notable opportunity to gain more from their efforts by implementing best practices modelled by leaders to address key issues in the food supply chain. The report reveals the blueprint for success that leading companies have implemented.

”Firms such as Mars, Inc and Nestle have found ways to build corporate alignment through leadership engagement and clear goals and bring sustainability into the core business processes.  As more companies adopt these best practices, there will be greater business returns and meaningful environmental and social advances.” Tim Greiner, Managing Director, Pure Strategies.

The Pure Strategies report details:

  • How to maximize business value to keep pace with competitors’ rapid progress in product sustainability.

  • Steps for building strong corporate alignment and bringing product sustainability into the core of the business.

  • Where companies in the food and beverage sector plan on focusing their product sustainability efforts in the coming years to address emerging issues.

Download the complete report at:

About Pure Strategies
Pure Strategies is a leading sustainability consulting firm founded in 1998.  The company helps firms in the food, consumer products, retail, life sciences, and other sectors gain the business benefits of improved sustainability.  Areas of expertise include corporate sustainability strategy and CSR reporting, supply chain sustainability assessment and engagement, sustainable chemicals management, life cycle assessment, product sustainability and innovation, and. 

Clients include Walmart, Annie’s, Organic Valley, Ben & Jerry’s, Seventh Generation, Colgate-Palmolive, Ocean Spray, Radio Flyer, and others.  For more information, visit

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Pure Strategies, a leading U.S. sustainability consulting firm, helps organizations gain strategic and financial benefits by helping them improve the sustainability of their organizations, their products, and their supply chains. Our team includes experts in corporate sustainability strategy and reporting, life cycle assessment (LCA), chemicals and materials assessment, product sustainability, and supply chain sustainability assessment and engagement. Our clients include Stonyfield Farm, Seventh Generation, The North Face, Walmart, EMD Millipore, Biogen, and other leading consumer products and B2B companies.

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