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Organic Infill Replaces Car Tires in Turf

Patented Blend of Coconut Fibers, Cork and Rice Husks Becoming the Natural Standard for Safety, Performance and Environmental Responsibility

Organic Infill Replaces Car Tires in Turf

Patented Blend of Coconut Fibers, Cork and Rice Husks Becoming the Natural Standard for Safety, Performance and Environmental Responsibility

Published 03-09-15


GeoTurf Organic Infill

GeoTurf USA, the distributor of Limonta Sport products in the United States, supplies the patented organic infill for synthetic turf to municipalities, turf manufacturers and installers across the United States.  GeoTurf USA is the original alternative infill provider since 2007, offering the plant-based infill Geo Plus and virgin polymer TPE to the synthetic turf market. 

The need for alternative infills has never been more relevant than now as safety concerns for the traditional car tire rubber infill have attracted the attention of the public in general, especially the attention of the families who have children constantly playing on these fields.  Many of these potential health risks associated with car tire rubber infill were the subject of several NBC Evening News Investigative reports that revolved around the information provided by Soccer Coach Amy Griffin related to the abnormally high cancer rate of the Goalies who generally stay in one spot breathing the same air.  These health risks are now being reviewed and taken seriously not only by the general public, but also by athletes, medical professionals and government agencies. 

As a result, architects, engineers and consultants are taking notice and reaching out to learn of the safety and reliability of the coconut fiber, cork and rice husk blend by Limonta Sport that has been utilized in over 400 fields worldwide since 2007 with absolutely no history of failures or replacements.  The durability and performance of Geo Plus has been proven to last the full life-cycle of these fields with several entering their ninth season.  Scores of professional sports teams utilize Geo Plus in their facilities and stadiums with Certified FIFA 2 Star ratings, there are 3- FIFA 2 Star Certified fields in the US alone with Geo Plus. 

Municipalities are listening to the public and taking a much closer look at the organic infill option for their own public fields.  Just recently, the Montgomery County Council in Maryland approved a resolution to utilize plant-derived infill in future artificial turf field projects.  Councilmember Roger Berliner, Chair of the Council’s Transportation, Infrastructure, Energy and Environment Committee, applauded the unanimous approval by the Council of a resolution that he introduced supporting the use of plant-derived materials for infill in future artificial turf field projects.  "For years, community members have expressed concerns about the potential health and environmental impacts of crumb rubber used in our County's artificial turf fields," said Councilmember Berliner. "Today, our County turns the page on this debate. Going forward, our artificial turf fields will use plant-derived materials that do not pose health or environmental concerns. Significantly, this is a decision that has the unanimous support of the Council, our Parks Department and our school system." 

In October 2014, these same Councilmembers and staff visited the newly opened artificial turf field at Lakelands Park in the City of Gaithersburg. The field uses a plant-based infill comprised of a mix of coconut fiber, cork and rice husks known as Geo Plus.  "As we move forward with new artificial turf projects in the County, we as policymakers will continue to do the best we can to balance the increasing demand for playing fields in our County with the need to best protect our children and provide our parents with greater peace of mind about the fields their children are playing on," said Councilmember Berliner. 

Geo Plus by Limonta Sport offers a playing surface similar to natural grass in that it provides ideal G-Max levels, superior foot stability, low energy restitution, less abrasion and is odor free.  It also provides an evaporative effect much like natural grass in that it absorbs moisture and humidity, releasing it during the hottest time of the day and resulting in the lowest synthetic turf temperatures available.  It is completely organic and chemical free, nothing is added to the natural plant-derived ingredients.  Another major advantage is that it is 100% recyclable and can be utilized in the surrounding natural environment as a top dress for the grass fields or tilled into the soil on-site, resulting in a zero cost for disposal.  This is especially important as disposal costs for the car tire rubber have nowhere else to go but up, if they are received at all by waste facilities in the future when the field has to be replaced. 

Geo Plus can also be utilized for field remediation that involves the removal of car tire rubber in the existing synthetic turf and replacing it with organic infill.   

GeoTurf USA is endorsed in the US by the National Green Energy Council for products that exceed the mandates for safety, environmental compatibility and sustainability.


About GeoTurf USA

GeoTurf USA is the market brand of Limonta Sport USA since 2007 for the distribution of Limonta Sport products in the USA.  Limonta Sport is renowned worldwide for its quality and innovation in the synthetic turf industry since 1979 and is a division of the Limonta Textile Group; a family owned and operated company since 1893.  As a testament to the quality of research, manufacture and customer support, Limonta Sport is an ISO 14001:2004 Certified Company serving over 80 countries.  Limonta Sport is an original FIFA Preferred Producer as well as the IRB Preferred Producer for International Rugby.   Many professional sports clubs such as AC Milan and Ajax utilize Limonta Sport turf with organic Geo+ for their athletes.

For more information on availability, cost and testing or performance data, please visit, email or call Domenic Carapella at 212-904-1223. 






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