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TriplePundit Receives Official B Corporation Status

TriplePundit celebrates its recognition as a Certified B Corporation, exceeding the certifying nonprofit B Lab's impacts standards in Environment, Workers, Community and Governance.

Published 03-13-14

Submitted by TriplePundit

TriplePundit, a leading online publication addressing the bottom line in sustainable business, recently joined over 900 other forward-thinking global businesses in becoming a Certified B Corporation. TriplePundit completed the Impact Assessment to benchmark its practices against B Lab’s established guidelines of operational standards, and achieved an overall score of 88 out of a minimal 80 to qualify as a B Corp.

By voluntarily meeting established scales of transparency, accountability and performance, Certified B Corps distinguish themselves by upholding a rigorous way of doing business – taking into account not only their shareholders, but also all stakeholders involved.

B Lab believes that government and the nonprofit sector are necessary, but insufficient, means to address society's present challenges, and that business must also create positive value for society. The B Corp movement offers a concrete, market-based and scalable solution to using business as a force of good.

“We joined to benefit from the company of like minded companies. B Corp manifests the same philosophy that we are committed to promoting and it makes sense to be a formal part of it,” says Nick Aster, Founder and Publisher of TriplePundit.

About TriplePundit
Triple Pundit is a new-media company for highly conscious business leaders. We have grown to become one of the world’s most well read websites on ethical, sustainable & profitable business with over 350,000 unique monthly readers.

Our philosophy is based on the triple bottom line – People, Planet & Profit. The TBL argues that economy, environment and society are inseparably related and an understanding of all three is critical to long term profitability.

Our Community is a diverse group of businesspeople, from social entrepreneurs to corporate executives, MBA students to consultants, each dedicated to using the power of business for good.

About B Corporations
Certified B Corporations meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance and legally expand their corporate responsibilities to include consideration of stakeholder interests, while building a collective voice through the B Corporation brand. Today, there is a growing community of more than 950 Certified B Corps from 32 countries and 60 industries working together toward a common goal of redefining success in business.

TriplePundit was certified by the nonprofit B Lab, confirming that it is meeting rigorous standards in social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

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Triple Pundit is an innovative new-media company for the business community that cultivates awareness and understanding of the triple bottom line. We provide expert editorial coverage, news and discussions on sustainable business in the 21st century.

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