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Katerva Award Category and Finalists Announced

Published 02-25-14

Submitted by Katerva

Katerva is proud to announce the 2013 Katerva Awards finalists as well as the category winners. Referred to as “the Nobel Prize of Sustainability,” the awards feature the world’s best ideas you have never heard of – yet.

The 2013 Katerva Award Finalists and Category Award Winners are:

  • Behavioral Change:

Winner: Kiva U

Finalists: Aflatoun, EDF Climate Corps, Equitable Origin, Integrity Action

  • Economy:

Winner: Bolsa Verde do Rio de Janeiro

Finalists: Aviva Investors, B LAB, GiveDirectly, Publish What You Pay

  • Ecosystem Conservation:

Winner: Bycatch Reduction

Finalists: Conservation Evidence, Marinexplore, Mongabay, Rare

  • Energy & Power:

Winner: Aquion Energy

Finalists: Empower Generation, Mera Gao Micro Grid Power, MPOWERD, Sakti3

  • Food Security:

Winner: Practical Action’s Zeer Pot Clay Fridge

Finalists: Growing Power, Robot Gardener, SeaChar - BioChar, SRI Int’l Network & Resource Center (SRI-Rice)

  • Gender Equality:

Winner: WE CARE Solar

Finalists: 50 Million Missing Campaign, HealthPhone, Mobile for Reproductive Health, One Billion Rising

  • Human Development:

Winner: Solar Ear International

Finalists: DRACO, Oxitec, Sabin, Vaxess Technologies

  • Materials & Resources:

Winner: MBA Polymers

Finalists: AquaSentinel, Duke Toilet 2 Water, Eole Water, Solidia Technologies

  • Transportation:

Winner: The CityCar (MIT Media Lab)

Finalists: Leveraged Freedom Chair, Lit Motors, Riders for Health, Zambikes – Zambulance

  • Urban Design:

Winner: ARCHIVE Global

Finalists: IBA Hamburg, Spatial Collective, Sustainable Preservation Initiative, Vertical Forest

For more information and to view more information on all the Finalists, please go to:

“To solve the complex sustainability challenges we face as stewards of our planet, will require innovative solutions across a wide range of disciplines and economic sectors. Katerva provides a much needed and novel forum for this to happen, as evidenced by the Finalists for the Katerva Award,” states Antonio J. Busalacchi, Jr, Director of the Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center (ESSIC) and Professor in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science at the University of Maryland, USA.

The Katerva Award Finalists and the Winner gain significant support through Katerva’s Winner's Circle, a group of businesses and committed experts, with the aim of scaling the winning projects for maximum impact.

In a deliberation process which began in October, the Katerva nominees were submitted to a rigorous process of examination by experts in each of Katerva's ten categories: Behavioral Change, Economy, Ecosystem Conservation, Energy & Power, Food Security, Gender Equality, Human Development, Materials & Resources, Transportation, and Urban Design. The Katerva Award, now in its third year, draws upon a vast network of experts from science, business, academia, finance, and government. Once a nominee has been submitted, the project is carefully screened for eligibility. Eligible projects are then rated for validity, scalability, policy, and impact. Finalists are the top five projects from each of the ten categories.

Only one project will be the Katerva Award Winner, the winner will be announced the first week of April.

Katerva also allows the public to help choose from the finalists the innovation they feel has the most to offer the world. All 50 finalists are therefore eligible for the Katerva People's Choice Award. The public is invited to vote for the People's Choice Award from the 7th thru the 28th of March on the Katerva website,

“Katerva is not just interested in 'good' ideas; the ideas we are after will create big changes in how we live on this planet,” says Katerva's founder, innovation expert Terry Waghorn. Founded in 2010, “Katerva's approach places emphasis squarely on action for a sustainable future—creating and implementing solutions to sustainability-related concerns,” he says. Katerva is the first truly open worldwide platform for change.

Katerva comes from the Latin word caterva, meaning “crowd.” It's our belief that the wisdom of the crowd—energized, organized and leveraged, holds the key to the world's most pressing challenges.

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Katerva ( identifies and awards the world's best sustainability ideas and initiatives. The Katerva Awards celebrate radical innovation and accelerate change for a sustainable planet.

Katerva has built an extensive content platform and network focused on the intersection between sustainability and innovation. Its website offers a constant feed of nominee and awards information, commentary on sustainability news, and expert insights and opinions. Katerva has a prestigious global network of sustainability innovator experts, thought leaders and partner organizations that identify, review and award those sustainability innovations making the greatest strides towards a sustainable planet. As well, it is building a social media following so that it may tap into the insights and ideas of the public.

The Katerva Sustainability Awards are bestowed annually according to 10 categories across the social, economic and environmental sustainability spectrum. Those categories are Behavioral Change, Human Development, Gender Equality, Economy, Food Security, Protected Areas, Energy & Power, Urban Design, Transportation, and Materials & Resources.

Following announcement of the 10 category winners in the 4th quarter of the year, a council of high-profile sustainability thought leaders will review the winners and select a grand prize winner. At the same time, an online vote of the general public will select a people's choice winner.

Go to to find out about the world's best, game-changing sustainability ideas and efforts. Keep up with Katerva news on your favorite social networks at and

The world needs us. We need the world.

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