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LIXIL Marks First UN-Designated World Toilet Day with Launch of ISIS 2018, an International Program to Improve Sanitation in Schools

Commits expertise to improving sanitary conditions worldwide. Signs MOU with UNICEF to support their life-saving WASH program

LIXIL Marks First UN-Designated World Toilet Day with Launch of ISIS 2018, an International Program to Improve Sanitation in Schools

Commits expertise to improving sanitary conditions worldwide. Signs MOU with UNICEF to support their life-saving WASH program

Published 11-20-13

Submitted by LIXIL

LIXIL Corporation, a leading global supplier of building materials and housing equipment solutions, today announced the launch of its ISIS (Improved Sanitation in Schools) 2018 project, as well as a partnership with UNICEF to improve sanitation and hygiene in underprivileged communities around the world.

ISIS 2018 is a multi-year commitment to give 2,000,000 school children across the globe access to improved sanitation facilities and hygiene education by 2018. It will leverage LIXIL’s expertise in sanitary ware, a key business area that includes toilets, washstands and other hygiene essentials. As a partner, UNICEF adds enormous value gained through its global WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) program, including project identification, hygiene education, local know-how, and overall project advice.

The first project to be implemented under ISIS 2018 will support at least 225,000 children over a three-year period in the Philippines. China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Kenya are other initial countries of focus.

LIXIL’s activities will include refurbishing and upgrading existing sanitary infrastructure, facility maintenance, and donations for hygiene education. Kenya presents the biggest challenge as the schools identified are without even minimal sanitary infrastructure. In response, LIXIL has tasked its specialist eco-sanitation engineers to build solutions.

The ISIS 2018 launch coincides with the first UN-designated World Toilet Day on November 19, held to draw attention to the fact that 2.5 billion people globally lack proper sanitation. More than 2.2 million children under the age of 5 die every year from largely preventable diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. At least 272 million school days are estimated to be lost every year around the world due to sickness caused by poor sanitation.

Poor sanitary conditions also have serious repercussions for growth and development, due to health spending and lost productivity. The annual global loss in economic performance is estimated at a staggering $260 billion. The lack of segregated and private toilets is also a primary reason girls drop out of school, which in turn reinforces gender inequality.

Toshimasa Iue, CEO, LIXIL Global Company, said, ”We are delighted to launch ISIS 2018 and to be partnering with UNICEF to tackle this important issue. As a world leader in sanitary ware, LIXIL is uniquely placed to help school children in developing countries gain access to facilities that are clean, safe and preserve dignity, as well as hygiene education that has proven to be life-saving.”

ISIS 2018 and the UNICEF collaboration represent one of three core sanitation-orientated sustainability initiatives underway at LIXIL, along with an eco-sanitation toilets, and a partnership involving American Standard Brands, a part of the LIXIL Group since August 2013, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and International Development Enterprises. All are part of LIXIL's efforts to fulfill its commitments under the United Nations Global Compact, which it signed in July 2013.

Victoria Bolam, Director, Global Brand and CSR, said, “We are committed to enhancing people’s quality of living and to doing our part to secure a sustainable society through our products and expertise. This is why we are already involved in environmental and community activities in Asia and beyond, and why we are now delighted to be partnering with UNICEF. We can make a difference.”

LIXIL has released a video for World Toilet Day 2013, on the critical global issue of sanitation:

Extended version:

1 minute version:

If you can not access to youtube, please visit:

SANITATION -a critical global issue (World toilet day 2013) 3min ver.

 SANITATION -a critical global issue (World toilet day 2013) 1min ver.

Led by President and CEO Yoshiaki Fujimori, LIXIL Group Corporation (TSE Code: 5938) is a listed holding company posting ¥1.4 trillion in consolidated sales in FY2013. The Group engages in a broad spectrum of housing businesses, ranging from the manufacture and sale of building materials and housing equipment to the operation of home centers and a network of homebuilding franchises.

LIXIL Corporation is the largest housing and building materials company in Japan with a vast and unique business portfolio. It is a leader in eight market categories in its home country, with a 55% share in exteriors, 50% share in housing sashes and doors, 50% share in curtain walls and 40% share in sanitary wares, as well as a well-known brand in tiles, washstand cabinet units, and bathroom and kitchen units.

Since LIXIL was formed in 2011 after having merged key Japanese players in the housing and material building industry, LIXIL has been active in strategic acquisitions and partnerships in order to fortify and accelerate its growth in overseas markets. It currently operates in more than 30 countries through premium brands offered over a broad product lineup and services. Permasteelisa, Gartner and Shanghai Meite, for example, spearhead our project business (building materials and curtain walls), while LIXIL, American Standard, INAX and TOSTEM are leading brands in the areas of kitchen units, bathroom fixtures, windows and doors.  For further information, please visit:

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