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South Pole Carbon and Carbon Green Africa Take Kariba REDD+ Project to Market

Environmental project developers South Pole Carbon and Carbon Green Africa reach major milestone. The community owned Kariba REDD+ Project based in Northern Zimbabwe issues carbon credits for the first time.

Published 09-12-13

Submitted by South Pole Carbon

Proud gardeners, at Tashinga community garden, Hurungwe.

Over the past few decades, deforestation due to issues such as population growth and unsustainable forest management have ravaged the once vast Miombo forest in Zimbabwe.

Now, the Kariba REDD+ Project is using carbon finance to protect 785,000 hectares of this important forest that connects four national parks, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mana Pools, and several game reserves. Carbon credits from this project certified under Verified Carbon Standard and CCB Standards Gold Level are now available.

The conservation of the forest goes hand in hand with the wellbeing of the people of this project. By training locals about raising agricultural productivity, conservation farming and fire reduction, deforestation is prevented, food security is raised, more income generated, and carbon remains stored in the forest.

The local communities are also being supported to start businesses that rely on a healthy forest for their success, such as beekeeping for honey production and vegetable cultivation in community nutrition gardens.

Additional activities such as forest fire prevention and anti-poaching patrols ensure that vital wildlife corridors, such as for elephants and lions, are maintained. Funding for local schools, health clinics and improvement of local bridges, roads and other infrastructure mean the project impacts every aspect of life for the people who live there.

“This is a truly exciting project that creates meaningful and lasting change in the lives of thousands of people as well as protecting wildlife and the environment. This is an inspirational project that is full of great news stories that will inspire and engage any company’s staff and customers.” says Christian Dannecker, Director of Forestry, South Pole Carbon.

“This project demonstrates the value of carbon finance for the environment and for local people. As carbon developers we and SPC are working closely with the local community, at their invitation, to realise the carbon benefits of their development programmes. Already we are seeing great outcomes for the community and for the environment” says Carbon Green Africa Director, Charles Ndondo.

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