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PRé Announces Expansion of its Global Partner Network in North America

PRé and Quantis, Encouraging Sustainability Adoption

PRé Announces Expansion of its Global Partner Network in North America

PRé and Quantis, Encouraging Sustainability Adoption

Published 09-03-13

Submitted by PRé© Sustainability

SimaPro Global Partner Network

PRé announced today a significant expansion of its Global Partner Network in North America and the distribution of  SimaPro software. PRé is now offering its SimaPro software through its American office. The company is also entering into a strategic partnership with Quantis, designed to expand the companies’ reach, as they strive to further encourage sustainability adoption.

As part of the partnership, Quantis will reinforce the SimaPro distributor network throughout the United States and Canada, together with Earthshift and PRé North America. 

“Life-cycle thinking and LCA have gradually become mainstream,” said PRé founder Mark Goedkoop. “Sustainability metrics are a solid basis for sustainability adoption. By extending our SimaPro distributor network with Quantis and through our offices in Washington D.C., we are taking a next step in becoming a multinational solution provider that has the critical mass and scope to support global companies that use life cycle thinking as the basis for sustainability adoption.”

Quantis Chief Executive Officer Yves Loerincik, PhD, agreed, saying, “We believe that the market is consolidating a bit, and we are stronger when we are partnering with people who share the same vision. We need to work together to make sure sustainability adoption is encouraged and LCA is used more — and more effectively.”

For Quantis, this partnership means being able to more effectively assist clients. “It’s a matter of being able to better meet the needs of our clients by having a more complete set of solutions that we can directly offer, and being able to efficiently integrate these solutions,” said Jon Dettling, managing director of the U.S. branch of Quantis.

“We’re excited to be able to provide SimaPro sustainability software in the U.S. and Canada as part of our offerings, and to have Quantis join our team” said PRé North America President Renée Morin. “Together we can expand coverage for SimaPro and sustainability software for current and additional clients throughout this space.”

Shared values and methodologies will make the partnership productive for all parties. “Our collaboration with Quantis is a logical next step in the further extension of our network, as they share our view regarding the need to be honest and transparent, and are similarly motivated to make a better world for us all,” said Goedkoop.

“The companies are very complementary,” said Loerincik. “If I were looking for organizations externally that were a lot like ours, PRé would come to mind first. In terms of mission, with academic roots, and also the kind of deep relationships that we develop with clients is all very similar. This way we can complement rather than compete.”

About PRé
Dedicated to putting the metrics behind sustainability, PRé has been a leader in life-cycle thinking for more than 20 years. In that time, PRé has helped to develop the fields of sustainability metrics. The firm, with offices now in Europe and North America, prizes innovation, collaboration and sharing knowledge with complete transparency. With a global partner network that spans the world, PRé’s SimaPro sustainability software is used in nearly 40 countries. PRé also developed the widely used applied impact assessment methods ReCiPe and Ecoindicator 99, and has participated in many global sustainability initiatives. For more on PRé, visit

About Quantis
Quantis was founded in 2009, a merger of the spinoffs of the Swiss Institute of Technology and the CIRAIG in Montreal. Quantis now holds offices in five different countries across Europe and North America. The company focuses on bringing businesses the tools, guidance, and knowledge necessary to interpret their life cycle and reduce their environmental impact. The company developed the software Quantis Suite 2.0, a tool for the modern corporation, which allows novice and intermediate users to interpret their LCA results effectively. Known for their LCA expertise, the company serves such clients as Nestlé, Bayer, and Sprint. For more on Quantis, visit

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