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African Mobile Telecom Market is Growing at a Rate of 21%, Driving Economic Development of the Continent

African Mobile Telecom Market is Growing at a Rate of 21%, Driving Economic Development of the Continent

Published 08-27-13

Submitted by Manifest Mind, LLC

The mobile telecommunications industry is driving economic growth and enabling the development of a higher and safer standard of living in Africa. The continent is poised to be the next global success story; the African mobile telecom market will grow from a combined value of over US$60 billion in 2013 to a value in 2020 of almost US$234 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.27%. Mobile Network Operators will generate the largest portion of this revenue throughout the forecast period, followed by mobile distributors and retailers. Application developers and content providers will also benefit.

“Africa is a market which is largely misunderstood due to cultural and social issues. While African countries include half of the top 10 fastest-growing economies in the world, it is a very challenging marketplace to penetrate,” says Carol L. Stimmel, founder of Manifest Mind, LLC. “With hundreds of millions of connected mobile phones, opportunities exist to use this technology to improve sustainability outcomes for the environment, the economy, and for African society. Mobile technology is the key to this transformation.”

Manifest Mind, LLC, the sustainability research and consulting company based in Boulder, Colorado has released a new study entitled, The Mobile Telecommunications Market in Africa: Market Dynamics and Challenges, Unique Innovations, Sustainability Issues, and African Telecom Market Forecasts. This study explores the emerging opportunities in Africa related to mobile infrastructure, technologies and applications with a special focus on sustainability. The authors provide a real-world analysis and forecast for the African market describing the role that mobile telecommunications plays in these emerging economies, the growth of the market and the likely winning approaches for vendors, financiers and development organizations striving to understand the African context of telecommunications.

The study is available for purchase now from the Manifest Mind website. Further information, including a complete report summary and list of figures is available. A free infographic is also available on the site for download. Analyst interviews may be arranged by emailing

Manifest Mind, LLC

Manifest Mind, LLC

Manifest Mind is a collective of thought leaders focused solely on the creation of assets useful to organizations wishing to execute powerful sustainable business practices that protect and grow business. Our team functions in partnership with your company by reducing costs and simultaneously providing expertise that provides actionable insight to identify, analyze, and execute sustainable business functions. To accomplish this, we focus on the competitive differentiation that is derived from introducing global green business practices through energy efficiency, pollution control, food safety, water quality and the stewardship of natural resources.

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