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Ecodesk Launches Conflict Minerals Monitor

Ecodesk Launches Conflict Minerals Monitor

Published 07-16-13

Submitted by Ecodesk

Global supply chain sustainability site Ecodesk has launched a monitoring tool for businesses to track conflict mineral use in supply chains. A number of leading ICT businesses have already beenConflict Minerals Declaration Form piloting the system and plan to go live later this month.

The aim of the conflict minerals monitor is to help businesses keep track of the use of conflict materials in supply chains using a standard EICC declaration form and the Ecodesk digital supply chain dashboard. As each supplier completes a declaration on their Ecodesk sustainability profile, data is automatically connected to a customer dashboard, enabling businesses to analyse in one easy view, conflict mineral use by geography, industry and by individual smelters.

Suppliers stand to receive multiple requests for declarations following the SEC ruling in the US and the recent European Commission consultation. This means suppliers would normally have to answer each request separately. Ecodesk is aiming to help customers and their suppliers report once but share many times through its profile-based platform and avoid the repetition of repeat questionnaires.

According to Ecodesk founder Robert Clarke, this is essential in helping businesses quickly and cost-effectively understand their commitment to conflict minerals in the supply chain.

“Businesses are drowning in multiple questionnaires so we are helping Ecodesk subscribers to make things as easy as possible for suppliers to disclose conflict minerals use,” said Mr Clarke.

“Our goal is to be an early warning system for non-financial factors in supply chains, providing businesses with a quick and clear understanding of potential problems before they occur. This is achieved through transparent sustainability data and disclosure of materials of interest, including conflict minerals. We are constantly updating our platform to provide new ways of easily managing and analysing data and to offer increased connectivity between customers and suppliers, so that each can benefit from their mutual efforts towards greater transparency,” Clarke continues.

About Ecodesk
Ecodesk is the World’s largest user-managed database for energy, carbon, waste, water and other non-financial information, where businesses of all sizes create, connect and share non-financial data profiles and engage supply chains. Ecodesk is a live, open data, web-based platform, founded by Robert Clarke and funded by private equity. Ecodesk is working with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK on a Transparency for Growth initiative for business. For more information please visit

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Ecodesk is the world's largest user-managed open database for energy, carbon, waste and water information, helping businesses, such as Starbucks, Microsoft, Verizon, Coca Cola, Allergan, PepsiCo and many others, to save costs, time and increase business transparency for customers and suppliers through shared profiles and analytics. Ecodesk is a live, open data, Web-based platform which enables organisations of all sizes to search, publish, analyse and communicate sustainability data in one place. Founded in 2006, Ecodesk is funded by private equity and works in partnership with governments.

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