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New Poll Indicates Business Support for Renewable Energy, Environmental Safeguards

New Poll Indicates Business Support for Renewable Energy, Environmental Safeguards

Published 06-27-13

Submitted by Green America

Green America welcomes the release of today's poll commissioned by the American Sustainable Business Council on “Small Business Owners’ Views on Energy & Environmental Policy Reform” ( The new polling data fills a key gap in understanding the views of small business leaders on pressing energy issues confronting our nation – and the solutions needed to move ahead.

“Policymakers need to hear that significant percentages of small business owners, across the country and across the political spectrum, support incentives for clean energy and energy efficiency programs,” said Fran Teplitz, Green America's Policy Director. “The polling data affirms our understanding that small business owners recognize the connection between business prosperity, human and environmental health, and the need for long-term, renewable energy sources,” she added.

The new polling data indicate that small business owners solidly support policies that move our nation toward a clean energy economy. Responses from small business owners demonstrate that their views on clean energy and the environment are in line with the vision  expressed by President Obama in his June 25 speech on climate change and energy policy. Specifically, the findings reveal that entrepreneurs support policies that promote:

  • Incentives for renewable energy development;
  • EPA regulation of carbon pollution from power plants;
  • A national Renewable Energy Standard requiring 20% of electricity to be generated by renewable energy;
  • An end to subsidies to the well-established and massive fossil fuel industry;
  • Disclosure of the chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing.

Small businesses stand to benefit from the expansion of clean energy which promises to create jobs than fossil fuels; lower business production costs; and protect the health of workers, communities and the environment. “Small business owners see the adverse effects climate change is already having on local economies. Many business owners support a national shift to renewable energy sources that will protect American communities and our economy over the long term,” stated Todd Larsen, Green America’s Corporate Responsibility Division Director.

The findings support the goals of Green America’s Energy & Climate Program, including innovative financing for clean energy and energy efficiency; deep reductions of carbon emissions; and opposition to new coal-fired power plants, mountaintop coal removal and hydraulic fracturing.

Green America is a national organization that works to harness economic power—the strength of consumers, investors, businesses, and the marketplace—to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society. Green America has 150,000 members and and 3,500 Green Business Network members. Green America is also a founding partner of the American Sustainable Business Council.

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