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CREPiNi Commits to Creditably Serving Local and National Communities by Joining the B Corp Movement

Ambitious, propitious and delicious: CREPiNi is the first crepe company certified as a B Corp

CREPiNi Commits to Creditably Serving Local and National Communities by Joining the B Corp Movement

Ambitious, propitious and delicious: CREPiNi is the first crepe company certified as a B Corp

Published 06-24-13

Submitted by CREPiNi

NAKED CREPiNi™ – Six Flavors, Two Sizes

CREPiNi continues to pioneer automated crepe production in North America, and boasts four well-deserved Sofi Awards for their sweet and savory crepe creations. In March, CREPiNi became a certified B Corp, an honor awarded by the non-profit B Lab after a rigorous evaluation of key performance factors, including accountability and social impact. CREPiNi is the first crepe brand and company certified as a B Corp.

The company’s crepe products are one-of-a-kind in the American market and consumer demand is growing. Stores that have CREPiNi on their shelves tend to offer a richer selection of products in general, and therefore provide a better shopping experience for their customers. It’s no wonder why popular supermarket chains like H-E-B, Fairway Market, The Fresh Market, Central Market, AJ’s Fine Foods, Giant Eagle, and many others carry CREPiNi products.

CREPiNi CEO Paula Rimer is grateful to be a part of the B Corp community, which extends to over 600 businesses in 12 states. Rimer, who is also a Board Member of the Diversity Council of the Specialty Food Association (formerly the NASFT), is proud of her company’s status as a certified B Corp, which is just one of CREPiNi’s many noteworthy credentials. Others include memberships with the International Dairy Deli Bakery Association (IDDBA), Northeast Charter Schools Network (NESCN), and the School Nutrition Association (SNA), as well as certifications from the USDA, HACCP, Silliker, and the New York State Empire Development Corporation.

CREPiNi supports the B Corp movement, assenting to the idea that companies should strive to have a positive, measurable impact on their communities; B Corp certification validates their efforts by making it their legal duty. Together, B Corps are raising the benchmark for all operating businesses. One of B Lab’s founders, Andrew Kassoy, stressed in a NY Times article: “These companies are competing not just to be best in the world, but best for the world.”

Community benefits provided by B Corps can be assessed in a number of ways. One way CREPiNi helps to build a better community is by practicing a true Open Door Policy. The policy is usually not mentioned, yet new employees quickly learn they have great bosses. CREPiNi's organizational culture encourages open communication with company managers, including Rimer and her partner, Eric Shkolnik, both of whom are all ears to their staff’s personal or work-related conflicts, suggestions, questions, and any other inquires they may have. Consequently, CREPiNi provides higher quality jobs.

As for innovation and growth, CREPiNi is looking beyond their own factory walls to develop new products. The company has partnered with Acme Smoked Fish Corporation this year and introduced Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Crepes – a Top 10 finalist in the 2013 Seafood Excellence Awards at the International Boston Seafood Show. The idea of two top brands sharing their resources and creating outstanding products is right in line with the B Corp movement. Surviving in a buyer’s market entails keeping up with consumer trends and offering better options than the competition; consumers gain more when they choose co-branded goods. Benefits for the businesses include sales, but more importantly the knowledge they gain by working together, and the job opportunities created as a result of growth.

CREPiNi is strongly focusing on in-house R&D while collaborating with other popular food brands on new product concepts. The Crepe Team will attend the Summer 2013 Fancy Food Show, arguably the most highly anticipated event in the industry. It will be held at the Jacob J avits Center in New York City.

For more information about upcoming trade shows please fill out the contact form on our website or contact a member of our team (listed below) directly. CREPiNi will be at Booth # 4701 in the New York section at the Fancy Food Show June 30-July 2, 2013.

About B Corps
Leading a Global Movement to Redefine Success in Business

In essence, a B Corp is the same as a Benefit Corporation; both are required to look beyond profit and shareholders’ interests, and concentrate on providing a public benefit. The difference is B Corps must pass a rigorous performance assessment to become certified, while the latter simply refers to a legal state entity. B Corps share a common goal to use business as a fine-tuned instrument to help solve social and environmental problems. B Corps are companies that measure up to demanding performance standards and benefit their communities and the world. Benefit corporation legislation is currently under consideration by 20 states, and have received local and global recognition, including from NY Times, The Economist and Forbes magazine.

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Crepini is a pioneer and innovator in the specialty food trade, and the only industrial crepe manufacturer in the USA. A fast-growing company operating from a state-of-the-art facility in NYC, Crepiniâ„¢ makes all-natural hand-held crepes with savory and sweet fillings, and a variety of Naked crepes which are a healthier and tastier alternative to breads and wraps.

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