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New Webinar Series on the Future of Integrated Reporting: The Way Forward for ESG Voluntary Reporting and ESG Regulatory Reporting

Designed for Public Companies, Boards, Financial Analysts, Policymakers, and Asset Owners and Managers

New Webinar Series on the Future of Integrated Reporting: The Way Forward for ESG Voluntary Reporting and ESG Regulatory Reporting

Designed for Public Companies, Boards, Financial Analysts, Policymakers, and Asset Owners and Managers

Published 04-05-13

Submitted by CSR Insightâ„¢ LLC

Global ESG Regulatory Academy has launched its most exciting Webinar Series ever for the Spring 2013 season: APRIL 11, MAY 1, JUNE 4, and JUNE 19, 2013.

Registration fee discounts of 40% are available for a limited time.

The Series will provide keen insights and practical guidance on the latest developments in ESG voluntary and regulatory reporting, and will address, for the first time, how to harmonize and integrate these two distinct ESG reporting worlds, which have disparities that are undermining global capital markets.

Speakers include:

  • Pietro Bertazzi, Senior Manager for Policy and Government Affairs, GRI
  • Hank Boerner, Chairman, Governance & Accountability Institute
  • Brian Rice, Portfolio Manager, Sustainability Risk Management Team Leader, CalSTRS
  • Sanford Lewis, Counsel, Investor Environmental Health Network
  • Christine Rhodes, Climate Change and Sustainability Services, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Linda Lowson, Esq., CEO, Global ESG Regulatory Academy™

CSR Insight Webinar Series

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend:

  1. Exclusive, Authoritative Source and Venue for this Global ESG Regulatory and Reporting Education: This must-have knowledge and practical guidance is not available anywhere else. CSR Insight™ is the only organization worldwide that has conducted a five-year Research Program which included comprehensive, drill-down legal, accounting, and technical analyses of all major global ESG voluntary and regulatory reporting regimes. This is the future of financial reporting, affecting every global capital market participant.
  2. Gain Essential Knowledge to Avoid Serious Liabilities: Whether you are a C-Suite, Board, Finance, Legal, Audit, Risk, Compliance, Strategy, Sustainability, Analyst, Researcher, Asset Manager, or Asset Owner executive, you need this knowledge and you need it now, to fulfill your job responsibilities and avoid serious liabilities and risks of which you may be unaware. ESG reporting is now a strategic imperative. Be proactive, not reactive, and you will reap the professional and financial rewards.
  3. Receive Important Guidance at a Nominal Cost to Fulfill Internal and External Stakeholder Expectations: You will reap the benefits of a five-year, $5.5 million Global ESG Regulatory and Reporting Research Program, quickly, conveniently, and at a nominal cost, including sophisticated technical analyses of both voluntary and regulatory ESG reporting frameworks, translated into simple laymen guidance on understanding, managing, and streamlining these two reporting worlds for maximum benefit and at lowest cost.

Webinars have limited capacity. Early registration is recommended.

Webinars will feature a live Q&A session. All Registrants will receive the archived Webinar recordings and the Webinar presentation handout materials, even if you cannot attend the live Webinars. Don't miss this unique, exciting, and important education!

Also, if you missed our Fall 2012 Webinar Series, it is now available for a limited time at a 40% discount: SEC ESG Compliance: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

This Series provides an in-depth explanation and the first-ever analysis of SEC ESG Requirements, Liabilities, and Risks for the C-Suite, the Board, the External Auditor, and the Asset Manager.

Don't miss this unique, exciting, and important education—please join us!

For Speaker, Sponsor, and Registration Queries: Contact Linda Lowson, Esq. at

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CSR Insightâ„¢ LLC

CSR Insightâ„¢ LLC

CSR Insightâ„¢ LLC, founded in 2007 by Linda M. Lowson, Esq., is an independent, nonpartisan consultancy uniquely specializing in Global ESG Regulatory Education, global financial regulatory policy, ESG metrics and voluntary reporting frameworks, and ESG capital market issues. In 2012, CSR Insightâ„¢ launched the exciting Global ESG Regulatory Academyâ„¢ as its flagship business unit, the first-ever provider of independent professional education on Global ESG Regulation and Reporting. The Global ESG Regulatory Academyâ„¢ also provides customized, on-site educational seminars and workshops for companies, boards, asset owners and managers, analysts, professional advisors, and NGOs.

CSR Insightâ„¢ completed a comprehensive 5-year, US$5.5 million Global ESG Regulatory and Capital Market Research Program to develop the Knowledge Base content foundation for this unique, important, and sophisticated professional education. This Research Program included comprehensive, drill-down legal, regulatory, accounting, and technical analyses of global ESG regulatory and voluntary reporting regimes, including the first comprehensive technical analysis of the entire SEC regime as it applies to ESG issues.


• Linda Lowson, J.D., LL.M., CEO, is an internationally recognized expert in global ESG regulation, global financial regulation, and ESG capital market issues. Previously, Ms. Lowson served as a Shearman and Sterling Attorney and Arthur Andersen Partner, and launched and led Andersen's U.S. Financial Services Strategy Practice and served as a member of its North American Financial Services Executive Leadership Team and Global Financial Services Thought Leadership Team. She holds a J.D. degree from Cornell Law School and an LL.M. degree from New York University Law School.

• Alison Dempsey, J.D., LL.M., Ph.D., Director of Research, is an accomplished and experienced international attorney and international corporate governance expert, and recently published the ground-breaking book, “Evolutions in Corporate Governance--Towards an Ethical Framework for Business Conduct” (November 2013), published by Greenleaf Publishing (Hardback ISBN: 978-1-906093-86-0, PDF Ebook ISBN: 978-1-78353-057-1).

For further information on the Global ESG Regulatory Academyâ„¢ and our educational courses, on-site workshops, and live online webinars, contact Linda Lowson at, or visit

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