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German CSR Forum 2013: Corporate Social Responsibility Meets Biodiversity

Published 02-28-13

Submitted by European Business & Biodiversity Campaign

Where do enterprises stand when it comes to biodiversity in the year 2013? How do companies and NGOs handle greenwashing reproaches concerning the co-operation on the protection of nature. At the German CSR Forum – International Forum for Sustainability and Futureability – business and NGOs representatives will provide answers to these questions at three side events organised by the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign (EBBC).

More than 500 participants from all over the world are expected to participate in the biggest platform in German-speaking countries for exchanging knowledge and experience with regard to CSR and sustainability. The 9th German CSR-Forum takes place at the 9th/10th of April 2013 in Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg, Germany. At the CSR Forum 2012 a major focus was on Business and Biodiversity. In 2013 it will be again an important topic covered by the EBBC in an exhibition on the conference fair ground and in three side events:

09 April 13: 11:45 - 13:15

Session in English

3 Years of European Business & Biodiversity Campaign: The Future of Business and Biodiversity – what has been achieved

For some years now, biological diversity has attracted growing attention in business risks and opportunities considerations. Thus, more and more companies and associations are involved in initiatives, such as the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign, to protect biodiversity. How do companies tackle this issue? What kind of instruments and tools do they use for a systematic survey and management of biodiversity? How do companies assess the significance of biodiversity for their industries and competitors? What challenges and potential do industry associations and nature conservation associations see?

Moderation: Fritz Lietsch, Altop Publishing House


  • Mila Dahle, Head of Group Environmental Management/Sustainable Development, TUI AG
  • Thomas Beißwenger, Director, The Industry Association of Industrial Minerals and Aggregates (ISTE)
  • Stefan Hörmann, Programm Director, Global Nature Fund
  • N.N., Symrise (tbc)
  • Sonia Castañeda, Executive Manager, Fundación Biodiversidad Spanien

10 April 13: 11:30 - 12:30

Session in English

Collaborations between businesses and NGOs - between believable communication and greenwashing

Establishing partnerships between NGOs and the private sector is a complex and sensitive process. In this session panelists from the private sector and NGOs will discuss how greenwashing – as an Image Killer – can be avoided and how a clear and true communications strategy can be the cornerstone of Business–NGO partnerships for nature conservation.

Moderation: Fritz Lietsch, Altop Publishing House


  • N.N., Kärcher (tbc)
  • Udo Gattenlöhner, Director Global Nature Fund
  • Dr Daniela Büchel, REWE
  • Marion Hammerl, Managing Director Lake Constance Foundation
  • Michael Rademacher, HeidelbergCement
  • N.N. Birdlife (angefragt)

10. April 11:30 - 12:30

Session in English

Legal compliance and voluntary regimes for biodiversity offsets – What can companies expect for the future?

No Net Loss of biodiversity is the ambitious goal at a global, European and national level which shall be accomplished by 2020. Multiple initiatives at different levels need to proceed to achieve this objective even approximately. Legal provisions, a broad commitment on the part of the business community, partnerships between authorities, NGOs und companies and a continuous monitoring are among the most important elements, without which it would not be possible to achieve this goal.

Moderation: Sebastian Winkler, Global Footprint Network


  • Stefan Lütkes, German Environmental Ministry: Bundeskompensationsverordnung (Draft of the new German Compensation Legislation)
  • N.N., The German Initiative „Unternehmen Biologische Vielfalt 2020"
  • N.N., The Industry Association of Industrial Minerals and Aggregates (ISTE): Biodiversity management and monitoring
  • Francois Wakenhut, European Commission: No Net Loss Initiative of the EU
  • Joost Bakker, Global Nature Fund: New Markets and Financial Instruments for Biodiversity Conservation

Information and registration for the CSR-Forum: 

Further Information:

Organiser dokeo GmbH

European Business & Biodiversity Campaign

European Business & Biodiversity Campaign

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign, led by the Global Nature Fund (GNF) was initiated by a consortium of European companies and NGOs.

The goal of the project is to show the big importance of biodiversity, also from an economic point of view, and to motivate the private sector for the protection and conservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services.

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign supports companies through Biodiversity Checks, workshops and regional biodiversity forums. Experts and other stakeholders can present their profile, company profile and case studies for free.

The European Business and Biodiversity Campaign is co-financed by the LIFE+ Programme of the European Union and collaborates with the Biodiversity in Good Company initiative that published the Corporate Biodiversity Management Handbook.

More information about the European Business and Biodiversity Campaign:

Why is biodiversity important for your business? Using a business case model the European Business & Biodiversity Campaign explains how companies benefit from biodiversity and how they can contribute to the protection of species and ecosystems. As a first step, the potential problems and risks arising when the company does not engage in biodiversity management are presented. As a following step, solutions are shown for each problem. The simpleshow graphically animated video demonstrates, on the one hand, the effects that companies have on the environment and illustrates, on the other, the dependencies of companies on ecosystems.

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