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Genuine Health Announces B Corporation™ Certification

Certified to 'B' the change we seek!

Genuine Health Announces B Corporation™ Certification

Certified to 'B' the change we seek!

Published 02-20-13

Submitted by Genuine Health

“In 2012 we looked back and celebrated 20 years of inspiring Canadians to achieve their best health. Now, in 2013 – we’re looking forward to inspiring other businesses to create healthy, positive and sustainable change” – Stewart Brown, Founder and CEO

Genuine Health has joined a league of corporations redefining the way the world does business - as a Certified B Corporation™. As the first Natural Nutritional Supplement Company to receive this designation, Genuine Health joins a community that uses the power of business to solve and mitigate social and environmental issues.

What is a B Corp?

B stands for ‘Benefit’ – getting back to basics of responsible business operations.

A B Corp is a “Benefit Corporation”, an idea sparked by the desire to return to the purposes of early business – to serve public purposes while maintaining a meaningful and successful operation. Along the way, businesses norms were swayed by the dominant vision of profit maximization at the cost of social justice and environmental preservation and protection.

B Corporations are a new kind of company which use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems. As a B Corp, Genuine Health has committed to adhering to and continuously creating new business operations that benefit people and the planet – just as Genuine Health has always done and always will.

Why did Genuine Health becoming a B Corp?

Because we have always believed in sustainable health & happiness for everyone – and that means transparent accountability in everything we do. The philosophy of considering social and environmental implications of our business is not new –we have always practiced advocacy in conducting ethical business with these values at our core. The B Corp certification simply standardizes and identifies our values and actions to our customers and consumers, differentiating us from pretenders and those who rely on “green washing”. B Corps performance standards are comprehensive and transparent: measuring our company’s impact on its employees, suppliers, community, and the environment.

As a B Corp – we commit to preserving the integrity of our mission for health and happiness for the people and planet – taking a simple idea to act with unlimited potential!

Why do B Corps matter?

It means more than a certification and a promise – it means us continuously doing better!

B Corp certification holds businesses accountable to walk the talk – B Corp provides regular reports on how we operate holistically in regards to social and environmental impacts using established third-party standards.

B corps matter because standards matter. B Corp status allows consumers to have transparency in the choices they make every day, identifying businesses committed to social change and separating them from green washing” and diluted social responsibility initiatives. With established standards in place there is greater potential to leverage change and redefine the way other conduct business – inspiring everyone to do their best for the world.

B Corps redefine responsible and successful business operations, influencing customers, consumers and other companies – with the potential to the way the world does business!

Genuine Health ( worked closely with Conscious Brands through the B Corp certification process. Conscious Brands is a boutique sustainability firm and a founding Canadian B Corp with a core purpose of Activating Sustainability ( One of their key services is to support prospective B Corps to make the leap through coaching, liaising and challenging continuous improvement through the B Corp certification process and this is exactly how they added value to Genuine Health.

For 20 years we have valued not only growing as a business, but benefiting people and the planet in the process, and as the first Natural Supplement Company to receive this certification – we look forward to continuing to influence the industry and all businesses to join the movement alongside of us to seek to ‘B’ the change we seek in the world.

Learn more about Genuine Health commitment to quality, efficacy, and sustainability and B Corp certification at:

Genuine Health

Genuine Health

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