February 20, 2020

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SEC ESG Compliance — Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ Provides First-Ever Global ESG Regulatory Education

Submitted by: CSR Insight™ LLC

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Posted: Oct 12, 2012 – 06:00 AM EST


NEW YORK, Oct. 12 /CSRwire/ - CSR Insight™ LLC announces the exciting launch of the Global ESG Regulatory Academy™, which will provide the first-ever global ESG regulatory education for all types of market participants.  The Academy makes its debut with its 2012 Webinar Series, entitled “SEC ESG COMPLIANCE—WHERE THE RUBBER MEETS THE ROAD:  SEC ESG Requirements, Liabilities, and Challenges for Public Companies, Boards, Auditors, and Institutional Asset Owners and Managers” (three live 1.5-hour webinars—Oct. 24, Nov. 14, and Dec. 14, 2012).

An independent multi-year study conducted by CSR Insight™ found that widespread corporate noncompliance with SEC requirements triggered by material ESG issues currently exists, and that many SEC filings may be materially misleading, inaccurate, or even fraudulent.  An estimated 80% of large public company U.S. and non-U.S. SEC filers, including S&P 100 and FTSE 100 companies, are likely in violation of one or more SEC requirements on ESG issues.  The CSR Insight™ Study was conducted as part of its independent five-year Global ESG Regulatory Research Program (2007-2012), which included the first comprehensive technical analysis of the entire SEC regime as it applies to ESG issues.

According to the CSR Insight™ Study, what is not widely known is that SEC ESG corporate noncompliance triggers disclosure requirements and liabilities for four main groups:  the public company C-Suite, public company boards, public company auditors, and registered investment advisers and funds.  Corporate noncompliance also triggers knock-on capital market impacts, undermining a broad range of transactions, including M&A, IPOs, and secondary capital raises.

“Widespread SEC ESG noncompliance is a canary in the coal mine,” states Linda Lowson, Esq., CEO of CSR Insight™ and Founder of the Global ESG Regulatory Academy™“It is a strong indication that material ESG issues are not being properly identified, assessed, measured, and managed by companies, which creates a clear set of economic, financial, and tail risks for companies and financial markets alike,” Lowson explains.

"A confluence of factors have created a perfect storm regarding ESG issues," further explains Lowson, "including escalating economic impacts portending a take-down of our global economic system; rising public and private capital market scrutiny and expectations; and increasing enactment of regulation worldwide mandating financial disclosure of ESG issues".

The Global ESG Regulatory Academy™ will delve into these important issues and developments, and make the essential connections amongst these key spheres of influence.  The 2012 Webinar Series will analyze SEC ESG requirements and liabilities for these four large market groups, plus present experts on pivotal developments in integrated reporting, voluntary reporting frameworks, and accountability metrics; ESG accounting and audit issues; ESG compliance issues/strategies/tools; and ESG investment trends.

Each webinar class is limited to 100 participants, so early registration is recommended.  Attendees will be able to ask the speakers questions directly during the live Q&A session, and will receive presentation handout materials and access to the archived webinar recording.  Further info:  Agenda; Registration.


CSR Insight™ LLC, founded in 2007 by Linda M. Lowson, Esq., is an independent, nonpartisan consultancy uniquely specializing in Global ESG Regulatory Education, global financial regulatory policy, ESG metrics and reporting frameworks, and ESG capital market issues.  CSR Insight™ has launched the exciting Global ESG Regulatory Academy™, which will provide the first-ever global ESG regulatory education for all market participants.  In preparation for the Academy, CSR Insight™ completed an independent, multimillion-dollar Global ESG Regulatory Research Program (2007-2012), during which it developed its comprehensive proprietary Global ESG Regulatory Knowledge Base.  Ms. Lowson is an internationally recognized expert in global ESG regulation.  Previously, Ms. Lowson served as a Shearman and Sterling Attorney and Arthur Andersen Partner, and launched and led Andersen’s U.S. Financial Services Strategy Practice and served as a member of its North American Financial Services Executive Leadership Team and Global Financial Services Thought Leadership Team.  For further info, contact Ms. Lowson.

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