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Green Product Marketing in Entertainment Media

Making Green Normal EVENT! Organized by Green Product Placement on July 12 at Green Spaces NY

Published 07-05-12

Submitted by Green Spaces

Green Product Placement Takes Brands to Hollywood!

Green Product Placement will host a dynamic presentation on July 12th, from 7-9pm, for all green and natural product business owners, employees, and marketers alike at Green Spaces, a coworking and events hub for social innovation.  Presented by Beth Bell, founder and president of Green Product Placement, the presentation will cover topics on multi-faceted marketing in entertainment media for green products, including tactics:

●      social media

●      experiential marketing

●      traditional marketing

●      product placement

●      social media

This is a discussion on how natural brands may appeal to all consumers, driving real change in sustainable consumer habits. The presentation will be approximately 45 minutes, followed by a Q&A session with Beth Bell, with networking to follow. RSVP at

Who is Green Product Placement? In April 2012, Green Product Placement announced the launch of the first agency providing product placement marketing opportunities exclusively to green, sustainable, socially enterprising and local entrepreneurial businesses. 

●      Conceived during an online conversation on with filmmaker Morgan Spurlock (“Supersize Me”, “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”). Green Product Placement has thus far received a very positive response from Morgan himself, green eco-celebrity Ed Begley, Jr., the film and TV production community, along with the green business community.

●      GPP has begun placements in major network television shows in the US and Canada, and placement opportunities for good brands will continue to grow.

How does product placement work? One reason multinational corporations are so successful is that they have access to agencies that know how to get their products into movies and TV shows. Watch any show or film and you'll see countless examples, products from beverages to sunglasses to snack foods to detergents. Seeing a brand on television or on film allows an instant emotional connection for the consumer and is a great way to grow brand awareness. Conventional product placement companies exist, and have been promoting conventional products for years. GPP is something completely new - a Product Placement company that places and promotes only “good brands” and makes “giving back” a part of the reason for doing business in the first place.

So what's different about Green Product Placement? Green Product Placement focuses exclusively on green and socially responsible products. GPP was founded with the idea that the products that are promoted in the films and TV shows that we watch should reflect our values; that the immense power of the entertainment and media industries as drivers of consumer behavior should be used to advance the movement toward a sustainable economy. TV and movies are how a lot of people get their cues for what "normal" looks like. Promoting green products via product placement not only increases sales, it also helps make sustainability more appealing to segments of the public who haven't caught on to the movement yet, and can change the way people buy and consume. Green Product Placement likes to call this “positive placement”.

 GPP is also committed to "greening" the product placement business itself, for example by:

●      working with manufacturers to get product directly to productions without the double-shipping and double-warehousing that is the industry norm

●      and by working side by side with other sustainable production/media and practitioners and evangelists.

And you really can get sustainable products into a movie or TV show? Sure! GPP is the brainchild of Beth Bell, a movie /TV industry and marketing professional who has worked on such films as “Game Change”, “Runaway Bride” “Twelve Monkeys” and “Contact”. Working with fellow pro Lisa Dietrich, (“Total Recall”, “The Incredible Hulk”, “Liberty Heights”, “Resident Evil: Afterlife”) they have over 35+ years combined in the industry and have assembled a team that is poised to put green products center stage in TV and movies in 2012.

What's next? GPP currently has placements in a new HBO series, "VEEP", Showcase Canada’s “King”, pilots for Fox and the CW, HBO’s “ Enlightened”, Netflix’s “House of Cards”, Indie Film “Better Living Through Chemistry”, TNT’s “Leverage”, and feature film “The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson for 20th Century Fox.

 Green Product Placement has relationships with USA Network’s “Suits” “Gossip Girl”, “The Good Wife”, “Single Ladies”, “Blue Bloods”, “Mike and Molly”, and numerous other films and television shows.  Brands they're working with include Applegate Farms, Pirate Brands (Pirate’s Booty), Wholesome Sweeteners, Full Circle Home, Peacekeeper Cause-metics, Daddy Vans, Salazon Chocolate, Sloop Betty Vodka, Repurpose Compostables, Hugo Naturals, Berkley Green and Earth Friendly Products.

A version of this talk was presented by Beth Bell at The Better Living Show in Portland, Oregon- the largest Green home show in the Pacific Northwest.

ABOUT THE VENUE  Green Spaces provides the infrastructure for triple bottom line companies to work and grow. With locations in New York and Colorado, its coworking shared offices are hubs for sustainable business leaders gathering social entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers alike. Green Spaces builds strong community, offers special events for networking, serves as connectors, and has been home to more than 500 game-changing startups and organizations. Currently Green Spaces is home to more than 150 companies in NYC and Colorado.  Green Spaces also started the Green Leaders Global network, fostering dialogue and uniting more than 1,000 executives in social entrepreneurship.

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Green Spaces

We provide the infrastructure for triple bottom line companies to work and grow. With locations in New York and Colorado, our coworking centers are hubs for sustainable business leaders. Our offices gather social entrepreneurs, startups and freelancers alike.

We build strong community, offer special events, serve as connectors, and have been home to more than 300 game-changing startups and organizations. Our network is broad in scope. Currently we are home to more than 100 companies, 60 in NYC and 40 in Colorado. We have more than 10,000 subscribers nationwide. 40,000 people visit our website annually. We also started the Green Leaders Global network, fostering dialogue and uniting more than 1,000 executives in social entrepreneurship.

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