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Cascades Tissue Group Launches First-of-its-Kind, Unbleached, 100 Percent Recycled Bathroom Tissue

Cascades(R) Moka(TM), available for the commercial market, becomes the ultimate sustainable bath tissue by eliminating chemical whitening and reducing environmental impact

Cascades Tissue Group Launches First-of-its-Kind, Unbleached, 100 Percent Recycled Bathroom Tissue

Cascades(R) Moka(TM), available for the commercial market, becomes the ultimate sustainable bath tissue by eliminating chemical whitening and reducing environmental impact

Published 01-25-12

Submitted by Cascades Inc.

Cascades Moka, made in part with recovered corrugated boxes, reduces the environmental impact by 25 percent compared to the industry's next most sustainable bathroom tissue.

North America’s fourth largest producer of towel and tissue paper, Cascades Tissue Group, today announced the launch of Cascades® Moka 100 percent recycled unbleached bathroom tissue, a first-of-its-kind product available to the Away-from-Home market in late August.  Beige in appearance, Cascades Moka offers commercial purchasers the highest hygienic qualities and softness while significantly reducing the environmental impact associated with manufacturing a highly common, yet also single-use product.  In addition to eliminating chemical whitening, Cascades’ value-added tissue product is made of a pulp mix composed of 100 percent recycled fiber, 80 percent of which is post-consumer material and 20 percent are recovered corrugated boxes.  The product is also offset with 100 percent Green-e® certified renewable wind electricity; saving 2,500 pounds of CO2 emissions for each ton produced.

A detailed life cycle analysis (LCA) of the new pulp mix used in Cascades Moka, which was undertaken by the company, revealed a reduction in overall environmental impact by at least 25 percent when compared to the pulp mix used in the traditional Cascades 100 percent recycled fiber bathroom tissue. The latter had been regarded as the sustainable tissue exemplar in recent years but includes a chlorine-free whitening process for aesthetics.

Currently, 3.4 million1 tons of bath tissue is used annually in the U.S., of which 53 percent is made from virgin fiber sources2. Cascades estimates that if a complete swap was made to their environmentally preferable 100 percent recycled bath tissue, it would save annually 30.6 million trees and 68 million GJ of energy, which is equal to the annual consumption of 619,811 households3.  The new pulp mix in the Cascades Moka innovation goes even further than the standard white recycled pulp because of its lower ecological footprint.

“Beige is the new green, at least as it relates to towel and tissue,” said Cascades Tissue Group CEO Suzanne Blanchet, who personally conceived and championed Moka bath tissue’s development. “The last several years have brought about countless habit changes meant to preserve the environment. The quality of this bath tissue hasn’t been sacrificed one bit, so adjusting to a new color seems like a small step to take for even greater sustainability.”

“There’s lots of talk about how the green movement has remained resilient in this tough economy, yet it’s easier to overlook how much of a trendsetter it’s also been in recalibrating views and tastes,” said Blanchet.  “The change may seem radical to some, but at the end of the day, beige fits just as well in most commercial restroom décors and it certainly works much better for the health of our planet.”

Cascades started offering its Moka concept with the introduction of its Moka napkin line in the late ‘90’s.  Commercial sales for the product have steadily increased year by year, as corporate purchasers and their employees and customers become more aware of its environmental benefits. In 2004, the Moka napkin line represented ten percent of its total away-from-home sales in North America whereas it now comprises over 23 percent of case sales.

The company believes that the commercial market will continue to serve as the first frontier for sustainable innovations, as people evolve their tastes and habits out in public before modifying behaviors at home. 

Innovation Simplifies Production, Safeguards from Fiber Market Volatility
While the recycled bath tissue is still cleaned and de-inked, the elimination of the whitening process ultimately reduces manufacturing impact associated to the elimination of natural gas and whitening chemicals.  Virgin pulp prices have more than doubled over the past three years, invoking price increases in recycled fiber as well.  By expanding to varied and more fibers such as corrugated, Cascades believes it can hedge its products’ exposure to commodity price fluctuations and white fiber shortages outside its control, keeping tissue prices affordable in its served markets.

About Cascades Tissue Group
Cascades Tissue Group is a division of manufacturing and packaging leader Cascades, Inc. (CAS Toronto Exchange), a pioneer in recycled paper manufacturing. The division has 17 mills spread throughout North America, including 10 in the United States. Its towel and tissue products are generally considered single-use goods – a fact motivating Cascades to remain an industry model of forward-thinking manufacturing, sustainability and carbon avoidance. For more information about Cascades Tissue Group, visit or

1 US Tissue Production, Converted Product Shipments and Consumption (RISI June 2011).

2 Metafore, The Fiber Cycle technical Document, Metafore Summary Report, March 2006.

3 Cascades Environmental Calculator and Environmental Paper Network, Paper Calculator (2011).

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Cascades Inc.

Cascades Inc.

Founded in 1964, Cascades, Inc. manufactures, converts and markets packaging and tissue products composed mainly of recycled fibers. Cascades employs close to 12,500 employees who work in more than 100 production facilities located in North America and Europe. The company’s visionary management philosophy, 45 years of experience in pioneering recycled paper and continued efforts in environmental stewardship, research and development are strengths enabling it to create quality new products for its customers. Whether for recycling materials, re-using waste, improving water and air quality or energy efficiency, Cascades has established high standards for each operating unit and closely monitors their steps toward achieving the objectives.

The company’s Cascades Tissue Group division is a leading tissue paper manufacturer for retail and away-from-home (commercial) markets, including office buildings, secondary and higher education, health care, hospitality, government and more. With 17 plants, Cascades Tissue Group offers its customers a wide range of sustainable quality products throughout North America. Its North River ivory towels are the first third-party certified 100 percent recycled hand towels, using 100 percent post-consumer content and utilizing 80 percent less water than the North American paper industry average. In the case of its notable North River® towel and tissue products, 100 percent of the electricity used for manufacturing is offset by Green e-certified wind energy, avoiding 43 million pounds of annual carbon dioxide emissions.

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