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American Sustainable Business Council Highlights Job-creating Value of President's Green Initiatives

Calls on House Oversight Chair Issa to take Balanced Approach

Published 09-26-11

Submitted by American Sustainable Business Council

The American Sustainable Business Council sent a letter to the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform highlighting the benefits of green energy research and programs that support the development of this innovative, job-creating industry. ASBC is a network of business associations and businesses comprising more than 100,000 companies committed to a vibrant, sustainable and equitable economy.

"You have stated many times that the government should not pick winners and losers in the marketplace…current federal programs and subsidies that support the fossil fuel industry tip the playing field in favor of those older and more mature industries," ASBC Executive Director David Levine stated in the letter. "We encourage the Committee to take a more balanced approach in its work, to recognize the  clear economic and job-­-creating benefits of green energy, and to allow these  technologies to compete fairly in the marketplace."

Said John S. Shegerian, Founder & CEO of the nation’s the nation's leading recycler of electronics, Electronic Recyclers International, "From our own experience in the electronic recycling industry, we know firsthand that green jobs and green industry are essential drivers for economic stimulation. In our case, a commitment to sustainable practices in a previously neglected sector has created an entire new industry and thousands of new jobs. The green revolution is no fad, it is a permanent paradigm shift that can cross and invigorate virtually all industries. And as this revolution continues to ramp up, the value of government research and programs in green job creation cannot be understated - they are, in fact, essential elements in terms of making this permanent trend more readily accessible to a wider array of industries."

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American Sustainable Business Council

American Sustainable Business Council

The American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is a national coalition of mission-driven businesses, social enterprises and sustainable business networks working to create a vibrant, just and sustainable economy. What unites us is a deep belief that we must move to a new economy that is grounded in principles of sustainability and equity.

The Council represents over 55,000 businesses and enterprises and more than 150,000 executives, owners, investors, entrepreneurs and business professionals. It is comprised of partners, which are organizations that represent businesses and social enterprises as well as entrepreneurs, executives, owners and investors committed to building a vibrant, just, and sustainable economy.

ASBC promotes policy change by educating and informing the business community, policy makers and the media about the business case for change, and by engaging the leaders of businesses and enterprises in building broad support for the policies America needs. We work on a range of policy areas, including: financial reform, health care, chemicals policy, climate change and business taxes.

We believe that the policies that will lead us to a sustainable and just economy are also good for business and good for America. Making the right commitments and investments will produce more and better jobs, build strength in key technologies, and make the U.S. more independent and secure.

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