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China Expands Presence at Vancouver-Based Global Trade Fair Showcasing Sustainable Business Solutions

World's Second Largest Economy to Unveil National Pavilion at GLOBE 2012

Published 09-22-11

Submitted by GLOBE Series

For the first time in its highly successful 22-year history, the GLOBE Conference and Trade Fair, taking place March 14-16 in Vancouver, Canada, will include a large national pavilion by the People's Republic of China. 

While present at the GLOBE Trade Fair in the past, China has expanded its footprint for 2012 as it looks to drive its emergence as a global leader in green technology. More than 100 highly-qualified representatives from the Chinese business and government communities will be present at GLOBE 2012 to showcase the country’s latest clean tech innovations and solutions as well as to seek out other new technologies to address their own environmental challenges.

"For more than two decades the GLOBE Trade Fair has served as an international showcase of the world’s best environmental technologies, services and solutions," says John Wiebe, President and CEO of the GLOBE Foundation. "China's increased level of interest in our event demonstrates the country’s desire to be part of the global green business revolution. This is not only a testament to GLOBE’s international reputation, but also to the City of Vancouver, which has clearly established itself as a hub of world-leading innovative green solutions, technologies, and businesses."

While remaining the largest source of carbon emissions on the planet, China is now also becoming a source of solutions for the world’s environmental problems. As the globe's second largest economy continues to raise its profile in the sustainability game, the potential for market transformation and increased affordability of green solutions is inevitable.

“A colleague in our Toronto office visited GLOBE a couple of years ago and said it's a great event with professional seminars and high quality visitors – so we decided it was time for us to participate as well," says Stephen L. Niu, Project Manager, Overseas Exhibition, Exhibition Department China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), Beijing, China.

The GLOBE Conference and Trade Fair attracts upwards of 400 international exhibitors from over 50 countries on a biennial basis – showcasing the world's best environmental technologies, services and solutions to upwards of 10,000 participants over three days. A number of countries are already confirmed to join China with pavilions in the GLOBE 2012 Trade Fair including Germany, Japan, Austria, France, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Switzerland, and Canada.

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GLOBE 2012 is produced by the GLOBE Foundation, an international consultancy organization in the business of the environment. GLOBE’s expertise lies in project management, event development, and management and consulting in the fields of environment and energy, urban development, and corporate responsibility. The GLOBE Foundation is North America’s longest operating producer of environmental events.

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