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EarthColor Joins the Appalachian Carbon Partnership to Support Sustainable Forest Management in Central Appalachia

Published 05-20-11

Submitted by Appalachian Carbon Partnership

Consulting foresters work with family forest owners to implement sustainable management practices

The Appalachian Carbon Partnership, a project of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), is proud to welcome EarthColor, Inc. to the growing network of socially and environmentally responsible companies supporting sustainable forest management in Central Appalachia through Appalachian Forest Offset investments. This new partnership demonstrates how carbon trading can benefit Appalachian landowners and forests while mitigating the effects of climate change.

"We are committed to responsible forestry and reducing our carbon footprint. EarthColor is excited to partner with MACED and support American landowners and sustainable forest management in the Appalachian Mountains," said David Podmayersky, Director of Sustainability. "We hope that this partnership demonstrates to other businesses across the U.S. that supporting sustainable forestry through carbon trading is a sound business decision and an important choice in reducing climate risk."

The Appalachian Carbon Partnership currently has 47 landowners enrolled owning over 28,600 acres of forestland in Kentucky and Virginia. There are an additional 25 landowners who are actively pursuing enrollment in those states, with another 300 landowners covering over 185,000 acres in Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia who have shown interest in the program.

"We created the Appalachian Carbon Partnership to promote sustainable forest management," said Program Manager Scott Shouse. "We are tapping into the growing market for carbon offsets to provide the economic help family forest owners in Central Appalachia need to implement sustainable management on their land. The money from the offsets goes directly to family forest owners who have made long-term commitments to practice sustainable forest management, which will benefit families and forests for generations to come."

One carbon offset is equal to one metric ton of carbon dioxide. Forests efficiently reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere when they grow. Growing trees take in carbon dioxide, using the carbon to build new wood and releasing the oxygen back into the air. Forests that are well managed can take in additional carbon dioxide and keep the carbon locked in their wood for long periods of time. Through the managed forest carbon offsets market, landowners are paid for the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed from the atmosphere by their forests and stored as a building block of new wood. To be eligible for this market, the carbon offsets must be the result of certified sustainable forest management. This means that forest landowners must provide documentation to prove that the offsets are real and result from certified sustainable management of existing forests.

"At EarthColor, we recognize our obligation to ensure the prudent and rational utilization of natural resources and to protect those entrusted to our stewardship. That is why sustainability embodies one of the core values which underpin our company," stated Robert Kashan, Chief Executive Officer.

Individuals, businesses and organizations interested in joining the Appalachian Carbon Partnership can visit to calculate emissions and purchase offsets directly online. For bulk purchases and special pricing, contact Irene DeLuna at or call 859-986-2373.

MACED is a 35-year-old nonprofit organization that works in eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia to create economic opportunity, strengthen democracy and support the sustainable use of natural resources.

MACED provides businesses with assistance and financing, operates programs that promote sustainable forestry, energy efficiency and responsible lending, and does research on important public policy issues. To learn more, visit

About EarthColor, Inc.
EarthColor is a privately-held full-service provider of print and digital communications. The company is headquartered in New Jersey and has production facilities in New York, New Jersey, Florida, and Texas, with additional prepress operations in Arizona.

EarthColor's mission is to lead the print communication industry in effectively and efficiently achieving carbon-managed and climate-balanced printing through the development and implementation of innovative technology, environmental standards, and socially responsible business practices. To learn more, visit

Appalachian Carbon Partnership logo

Appalachian Carbon Partnership

Appalachian Carbon Partnership

The Appalachian Carbon Partnership (ACP), a project of the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED), was formed to connect private forest landowners in Central Appalachia to the resources and financial assistance they need to practice sustainable forest management and participate in the carbon offset market.

Since 2007, ACP has enrolled 47 landowners owning over 28,600 acres of land with another 25,000 more acres pursuing enrollment.

Our service area includes the Central Appalachian counties of Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia.

The ACP is operated out of MACED's main office in Berea, Kentucky. MACED is a 35-year-old non-profit organization working in eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia to create economic opportunity, strengthen democracy and support the sustainable use of natural resources (

For more information visit and follow ACP on Facebook.

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