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Katerva Announces Awards Council for 2011 Katerva Awards in Global Sustainability

Select sponsorship opportunities available

Katerva Announces Awards Council for 2011 Katerva Awards in Global Sustainability

Select sponsorship opportunities available

Published 04-05-11

Submitted by Katerva

Katerva is honored to announce its Awards Council responsible for the selection of the 2011 grand prize winner of the Katerva Awards. This winning program will be introduced to a group of high-profile organizations and individuals which - through generous in-kind donations - will transition the winner into a global player as quickly as possible.

The Katerva Award Council consists of:

  • Jean-Michel Cousteau: French explorer, environmentalist, educator, and film producer
  • Mary Robinson: First female Prime Minister of Ireland and Former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
  • Lord St. John: Member of the British House of Lords
  • Dr. J. Craig Venter: American Biologist and one of the first to sequence the human genome
  • Jeremy Rifkin: President of the Foundation on Economic Trends
  • Marina Silva: Brazilian environmentalist and politician
  • Gunter Pauli: Director at ZERI (Zero Emissions Research & Initiatives) Foundation

Epic challenges facing our planet require game-changing innovations and efforts. Recognizing the best of these sustainability initiatives, the Katerva Awards examines nominees in ten categories of sustainability from around the globe. Nominees undergo a rigorous evaluation process involving 300+ recognized experts, 6 filtering phases, and 12 stages of focused review to discover the best of the best and assist in accelerating the success of these efforts. The Katerva Award Council is the very last step in this process.

Katerva will recognize winners in each of 10 categories of sustainability. An online public vote and the Katerva Award Council will select one people's choice winner and one grand prize winner from among these category winners. Winners will be announced during the fourth quarter of each year at a gala event leveraging multiple media and social partnerships to publicize the important work of these pioneers in sustainability.

Select sponsorship opportunities are still available for the 2011 Winner's Gala and Katerva Awards. Sponsorship and branding opportunities allow organizations and individuals wishing to assist Katerva to publicly associate themselves with the most important sustainability initiatives worldwide.

For information on remaining sponsorship spots, contact Katerva CEO Terry Waghorn at +1-519-473-6891 or by email at

About Katerva
Katerva is a charity organization designed to accelerate innovations for sustainability through recognition, award, and shared intelligence. Its primary offering, The Katerva Awards are an annual set of awards for the very best sustainability initiatives on the planet. The Katerva Awards recognize winners in the following 10 categories of sustainability: Food Security, Behavioral Change, Economy, Protected Areas, Gender Equality, Materials & Resources, Human Development, Energy & Power, Transportation, and Urban Design. Winners in these categories will then be voted on and reviewed for a People's Choice Prize and Grand Prize, to be named "Best Sustainability Program of the Year."

Katerva accelerates innovation by:

  • Providing recognition to the best sustainability ideas on the planet.
  • Engaging an extensive & prestigious network of thought leaders, experts, partner organizations, CEOs, government leaders, academicians, and consultancies to identify, evaluate, share, assist and award the world's best
    sustainability ideas, innovations and efforts.
  • Creating a sustainability community focused on changing how the world innovates with crowdsourcing, collaboration, and social media.
  • Curating a global content hub that shines a spotlight on the world's best game-changing innovations, with contributions from top minds including author Lester R. Brown, WWF's Anthony Kleanthous and SmartGirls CEO and Founder Jean Brittingham.

For more information on Katerva:

Katerva logo



Katerva ( identifies and awards the world's best sustainability ideas and initiatives. The Katerva Awards celebrate radical innovation and accelerate change for a sustainable planet.

Katerva has built an extensive content platform and network focused on the intersection between sustainability and innovation. Its website offers a constant feed of nominee and awards information, commentary on sustainability news, and expert insights and opinions. Katerva has a prestigious global network of sustainability innovator experts, thought leaders and partner organizations that identify, review and award those sustainability innovations making the greatest strides towards a sustainable planet. As well, it is building a social media following so that it may tap into the insights and ideas of the public.

The Katerva Sustainability Awards are bestowed annually according to 10 categories across the social, economic and environmental sustainability spectrum. Those categories are Behavioral Change, Human Development, Gender Equality, Economy, Food Security, Protected Areas, Energy & Power, Urban Design, Transportation, and Materials & Resources.

Following announcement of the 10 category winners in the 4th quarter of the year, a council of high-profile sustainability thought leaders will review the winners and select a grand prize winner. At the same time, an online vote of the general public will select a people's choice winner.

Go to to find out about the world's best, game-changing sustainability ideas and efforts. Keep up with Katerva news on your favorite social networks at and

The world needs us. We need the world.

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