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Clean Currents Donates 100 Solar Cookers to Primary Schools in Port-au-Prince

On One-Year Anniversary of Haitian Earthquake, Clean Currents Donates 100 Solar Cookers to Primary Schools in Haitian Capital

Submitted by: Clean Currents, LLC

Categories: Philanthropy & Corporate Contributions, Renewable & Alternative Energy

Posted: Jan 12, 2011 – 02:52 PM EST


Clean Currents LLC., a leading green energy company in the Mid-Atlantic, today announced it will be purchasing 100 solar cookers to benefit schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Solar Cookers International will be distributing the solar cookers and will provide on-site training through its network of staff and volunteers in Haiti.

A year after the disastrous earthquake struck Port-au-Prince and its environs, conditions remain dire. Countless buildings still lay in ruins, ten of thousands of people continue to live in makeshift tent-cities, and electricity throughout the capital region is sporadic at best. "After looking at several options, we concluded that donating solar cookers would be the most effective manner in which Clean Currents could help Haitians affected by the earthquake. By harnessing the sun's rays, which are clean, abundant, and free in Haiti, solar cookers provide a measure of independence to those who use them - and they decrease a user's reliance upon traditional sources of cooking fuel like charcoal, which is costly and very polluting," said Clean Currents President, Gary Skulnik.

The solar cookers, called CooKits, are deceptively simple looking. A CooKit is made of cardboard and foil shaped to reflect maximum sunlight onto a black cooking pot that converts sunlight into thermal (heat) energy. An insulating bag acts like a greenhouse by allowing sunlight to hit the pot while preventing heat from escaping. Solar Cookers International will be distributing these cookers to primary schools in and around Port-au-Prince where they will be equipping and training volunteers to teach Haitian youth about solar cooking. "Reaching students in their classrooms and teaching them a new lifestyle habit like solar cooking is a positive and accessible way to improve lives and the global environment," said AmyJo Mattheis, Executive Director of Solar Cookers International.

Skulnik added, "There is no easy fix for what is going on in Haiti, but I believe that solar cookers present an ideal combination of being environmentally friendly, cheap, reliable, and empowering for those who use them."

About Clean Currents
Clean Currents is the Mid-Atlantic's leading, independent green energy company, providing national wind power through the grid to residences and businesses. Since its inception in 2005, Clean Currents has built a vibrant green community in the region, counting over 6,000 residential and 500 commercial customers across Maryland, the District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Clean Currents is sustainably operated and recognized as a certified green business.

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