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CAGP to Retailers: Consumers and Developing World Poor Lose From FSC-Certification

Consumer group calls on Woolworths, Metcash and Coles to renounce FSC certification as NGOs impose themselves on industry and consumers

Submitted by: Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP)

Categories: Fair Trade & Supply Chain, Activism

Posted: Oct 10, 2010 – 08:21 PM EST


WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 10 /CSRwire/ - /PRNewswire/ - As unions, large American paper producers, and green groups collude to keep competitively priced pulp and paper imports out of the US, the Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) sent a letter to leading retailers in Australia, calling on them to commit to supporting poverty alleviation and ensuring consumers have the best prices and products available on the market by standing up to the immoral attacks by environmental groups.

The letter was sent to top executives at Woolworths, Coles, and Metcash, encouraging them to read the latest report released by CAGP, "Empires of Collusion", and to reject the anti-consumer and anti-development campaigns to force Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification and products on these retailers.

"It is imperative for developing countries and the poor that Metcash, Woolworths and Coles not give in to the unethical campaigns being waged by radical environmental groups," said Andrew Langer, President of the Institute for Liberty and spokesman for the CAGP.

"FSC Certification has been a successful tool used by environmental NGOs, unions, and uncompetitive producers in the West to restrict imports. Unfortunately, the lasting effect of such actions is to deprive the poor of jobs and opportunities and subject consumers to unreasonably high prices.

"Instead of succumbing to the pressure of these immoral actors, Woolworths, Metcash and Coles should stand up to 'greenmailing' and return to the negotiating table with Asia Pulp and Paper, as well as other Indonesian producers and put their customers and the world's poor ahead of the radical Western green agenda."

You may read the letter by clicking here.

About CAGP

Consumers Alliance for Global Prosperity is an action-oriented advocacy group that promotes economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the world.

For more information or to download the report "Empires of Collusion", visit To schedule an interview with Mr. Langer, please contact

The Consumer Alliance for Global Prosperity (CAGP) is an action-oriented advocacy group that promotes free trade, economic growth and pro-consumer policies across the world. We are passionate in the defense of individual rights and the interests of consumers. CAGP is a project of the Institute for Liberty, a non-profit advocacy organization dedicated to preserving individual rights, protecting entrepreneurship worldwide, and promoting prosperity both in America and abroad.

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