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Haiti Prime Minister and ECCO2 Corp Enter Talks for $1.5 Billion Cleantech Project to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Stimulate Economy

Haiti Prime Minister and ECCO2 Corp Enter Talks for $1.5 Billion Cleantech Project to Reduce Carbon Emissions and Stimulate Economy

Published 09-08-10

Submitted by ECCO2 Corp

Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and ECCO2 Corp ( have begun discussions regarding the launch of the "ECCO2 Haiti Project" in efforts to reduce carbon emissions and stimulate the Haitian economy following the catastrophic earthquake earlier this year. This clean development mechanism (CDM) will be achieved by installing ECCO2's patented technologies within all 133 communes that make up the nation.

Haiti Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive says, "ECCO2 Haiti project is the start of a bigger and brighter future for Haiti's economy and environment. ECCO2 brings our nation and the world enormous opportunity. I am happy to continue the discussions with ECCO2 to finalize ECCO2 Haiti planning."

The Republic of Haiti has been a member of the Kyoto Protocol since 2005 and currently has an estimated national carbon footprint of 10 million metric tons per year according to current statistics. The ECCO2 Haiti Project is expected to offset as much as 80 million metric tons of carbon emissions over the next 10 years. The carbon emission offsets will generate certified emission reduction (CER) credits holding a current value of about $1.5 billion (USD). The carbon credits will be sold to various trading firms and investment banks to finance the ECCO2 Haiti Foundation; a not-for-profit organization based in Orlando, FL, United States whose primary focus is to further economic development in Haiti using environmental initiatives as its catalyst.

President/Chairman of ECCO2 Corp of Austin, TX, United States (and president of parent company DBS Distributors, Inc.), Cary Lee Peterson, comments, "The ECCO2 Haiti Project opens up vast employment opportunities and potential economic growth as Haiti continues to restore its infrastructure. While many have turned a blind eye towards them since the disaster, we are honored to be an active part of rebuilding the new Haiti."

Although final details of the ECCO2 Haiti Project are still in discussions, Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive and ECCO2 Corp are set to complete negotiations within the next few weeks to launch the program. ECCO2 Corp has brought onboard Global Urban Development Consultant Group LLC (New York, NY, United States), a consulting firm that will aid the business development of ECCO2 Haiti Project. John Patrick Alexis, president of Urban Development Consultant Group LLC, states, "There is lots of work to do planning and thereafter executing ECCO2 Haiti project. Our goal is to show the world that rebuilding the new Haiti is possible through innovators like ECCO2, hard work from Haitian citizens, its government, and foreign supporters."

About ECCO2 Corp:

ECCO2 Corp is a not-for-profit sister company of DBS Distributors, Inc. f/k/a Fuel Concepts Pty Limited who are worldwide manufacturers and distributors of the ECCO2 / ECO Systems product line. The company's patent technologies have been used by government agencies over the past 9 years, reducing greenhouse gases output by motor vehicles and fossil fuel generators all over the world. The ECCO2 (Environmental Control of Carbon Dioxide) Project was launched in July of 2010 as a multi-billion dollar investment plan with various banks and private investors with interests to develop and trade over 400 million carbon emission offset futures through use of ECCO2 / ECO Systems products used in CDM projects worldwide from 2010 through 2020. (For more details visit or

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