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Sustainable Life Media Launches SLM Insights(TM) Research Division, Debuts Studies Benchmarking Sustainability Initiatives Trends and Supply Chain Issues

Sustainable Life Media Launches SLM Insights(TM) Research Division, Debuts Studies Benchmarking Sustainability Initiatives Trends and Supply Chain Issues

Published 07-29-10

Submitted by Sustainable Life Media, Inc.

Sustainable Life Media launched its proprietary research division, SLM Insightsâ„¢ today and announced the immediate availability of two new reports: "The 2009 Sustainability Initiatives Report," and "Exporting Textiles: The March to Sustainability". Created in conjunction with and cKinetics, the inaugural reports provide a range of new insights across the sustainability industry.

The 2009 Sustainability Initiatives Study, a joint venture between SLM Insights and, compares corporations’ sustainability activities in 38 categories and identifies each as either responsive to regulatory pressure or compliance requirements or conversely as more forward-looking and reflective of a commitment to sustainability leadership and innovation. Results were compiled by researching over 6,000 sustainability initiatives, a survey of 1,700 consumers and dozens of expert interviews. Among other things, the study revealed a broad shift in corporate sustainability reporting toward more socially-focused initiatives, particularly improved reporting on employee wages, training and benefits, community giving and occupational health and safety.

cKinetics, a venture accelerator, partnered with SLM Insights to provide a rare look at key trends driving adoption of materials requirements across the India based textile supply chain as part of their India Carbon Outlook, an independent information marketplace which leverages data in tracking actions and impact related to India's carbon footprint.

"We are excited by the opportunity to bring to market some unique new research which we believe addresses some of the gaps in currently available insight across the full eco-system of stakeholders impacting sustainable innovation," said KoAnn Skrzyniarz, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Life Media. "Our goal as a company is to help drive more rapid environmental and social innovation. Providing access to new data-driven insights and benchmarking studies will help. We are grateful to be working with these two partners, and others which we will be announcing shortly, to help bring new insight and perspective to the community of businesses seeking avenues to profitably leverage sustainability as a driver of innovation."

SLM Insights is a platform that provides the brands community access to some of the most innovative research on the market today. From learning the industry's best practices around CSR to understanding what consumers are searching for "beyond green," SLM Insights' research will provide businesses with actionable information that gives them a way to stay one step ahead of the market. SLM Insights will release two inaugural reports:

"Sustainability Initiatives Report" A joint venture between SLM Insights and, this 130-page report tracks the sustainability activities of 100 companies in 10 industries, analyzing what activity occurred in 2009 and what to expect in 2010. For sustainability executives, the report provides detailed analysis of industry trends and rankings useful in benchmarking
performance and goal setting for 2011. Complimentary executive summary download is available at

As the textile supply chain has evolved to meet changing price and quality demands from the global marketplace, so has the sophistication
of buyers in tracking their suppliers. In the mid-1990s, buyers added a new dimension to their requirements, and began making demands regarding health, safety and labor conditions. Global
manufacturing centers have increasingly had to respond not only to local requirements but also to global ones. This report provides a current benchmark of leadership practices at top firms. Complimentary report excerpt download is available at

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