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Sustainable Industries Announces 2010 Top 10 Green Building Product Award Winners

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Posted: Jun 22, 2010 – 02:05 PM EST


SAN FRANCISCO, Jun. 22 /CSRwire/ - Award-winning independent news source Sustainable Industries today announced the release of its 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products guide, the annual publication profiling industry-leading green building products selected by a panel of expert judges and Sustainable Industries magazine's editorial team.

This year's Top 10 winners were selected from more than 100 entries based on their environmental performance, scalability/market impact, innovativeness, design aesthetic, value and compatibility with the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system.

The winners were announced today in a Sustainable Industries Webinar featuring Associate Editor Charles Redell and members of the judges' panel who addressed attendees' questions about the pros and cons of the latest green building innovations. The 2010 Top 10 Green Building Products winners are highlighted in the July issue of Sustainable Industries, as well as in a digital supplement with 3D images designed by Portland's Fat Pencil Studio. The guide is available for free at

"In the five years Sustainable Industries has produced this trusted and popular independent guide, the industry has seen unprecedented growth," says Brian Back, Founding Editor & Publisher of Sustainable Industries. "A proliferation of green building certification programs and product eco-labels have brought more builders, designers and consumers into the fold. We're confident the Top 10 Green Building Products guide provides a unique overview of some of the most innovative building materials representing the biggest trends on the market today."

The 2010 Top 10 Green Building Product winners are:

AQUS Greywater System
Made by Sloan Valve Co.
AQUS is a small-scale water reuse system that collects water from a bathroom sink, cleans it and reuses it for toilets, supplementing it with freshwater if necessary. The result is an annual water savings of between 4,000 gallons and 6,000 gallons per year, according to the company. In addition to saving water, the system, which retails for about $400, can save money on wastewater discharge.

Acrovyn 4000
Made by Construction Specialties Inc.
Acrovyn 4000 is a Cradle-to-Cradle Silver-certified wall protection product that, along with the rest of Construction Specialties' product lines, no longer contains polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In addition, Acrovyn 4000 no longer contains persistent bioaccumulative toxins or PBTs, bisphenol-A (BPA) or any halogenated fire retardants.

Control4 Energy Management System
Made by Control4 Energy
Control4 Energy Management System 100, a software-and-hardware package that connects utilities to their customers and aims to give those customers mastery over their homes' energy use. It includes software, an in-home energy controller and a Zigbee-enabled wireless programmable thermostat. Energy use and cost data is displayed on a 5-inch touch screen, through which users can make adjustments. For utilities, the EMS 100 also collects and delivers data to manage demand response and energy efficiency programs.

Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard
Made by QA Graphics
The Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard is an interactive interface that can be accessed either online or through a hardware display, such as a touch screen kiosk. By syncing with a building's automation system, the dashboard displays both real-time and historic energy and water use. It also displays information about green building features, comparisons with similar structures and LEED checklists.

Energy Recovery Ventilator
Made by Building Performance Equipment
The Energy Recovery Ventilator helps building managers reduce reduce HVAC costs by pre-conditioning outside air, which saves on heating and cooling by reducing the amount of energy required to get the air to the proper indoor temperature. They weigh about the same as standard ductwork and generally don't demand additional structural supports for installation, according to the manufacturer.

Second Glass
Made by Second Glass
Second Glass recycles broken windshields into building products. Using a patented cold-melting process to recycle windshields, Second Glass creates glass that can be framed, lighted, mounted or hung and used to create attractive and easily maintained walls, dividers, fronts, partitions and lighting.

Strand Poplar Flooring
Made by EcoTimber
EcoTimber's Strand Poplar Flooring is made through an innovative process that uses waste from the Chinese furniture and paper industries and cold-presses it into a dense rock that's then made into flooring. The pressing process used to make the flooring results in a highly durable product, according to EcoTimber.

Ultimate Pervious Pavement
Made by Evolution Paving Resources
Pavement may not be the first thing people think about when it comes to green building products. Yet its ability to reduce stormwater runoff and recharge groundwater is becoming an industry best practice. Ultimate Pervious Pavement has 18 percent to 23 percent "voids" in its structure, allowing stormwater to run through--instead of off--the concrete at a rapid rate.

Made by Warmboard Inc.
With the Warmboard heating system, hot water is circulated through tubing hidden in an underfloor conductive panel. It is designed to allow the radiant system to operate at lower water temperatures than traditional hydronic systems, which translates into lower energy consumption. And because the temperature requirement is so low, the water used in the Warmboard system can be heated through nonconventional means, such as ground source heat pumps, solar, fuel cell and cogeneration.

Solatube Daylighting Systems
Made by Solatube International
This patented technology catches direct sunlight and redirects it down an adjustable-length tube, bringing daylight to parts of buildings that would not otherwise have access to natural light. Solatube received a Top 10 award for the second year in a row, thanks to its ability to be easily installed in commercial, industrial and residential structures. It's ideal for large-roofed warehouses and manufacturing facilities, as well as retail stores and schools - all places that have been shown to benefit from increased daylight, as daylight is linked to higher worker productivity, decreased absenteeism and better retail sales.

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