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PE helps measuring greenhouse gas emissions beyond company boundaries

PE INTERNATIONAL is official software provider for the two new standards of the GHG Protocol Initiative

Published 04-01-10

Submitted by thinkstep AG

70 corporations are currently testing two new global standards by measuring the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of their products and supply chains. Over 20 of these corporations are using the GaBi and SoFi software from PE INTERNATIONAL, an official software provider, for the road testing. PE is strongly engaged in the development of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative's new standards which will help companies discover the climate impact of their products and activities beyond their own company boundaries.

Over the last year the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) developed the draft standards through a global stakeholder process. PE INTERNATIONAL is strongly involved in this process and participates in the technical working groups of both standards. PE also supports the GHG Protocol Initiative regarding special issues such as land use change and is now an official software provider for the road testing.

70 companies representing 17 countries and more than 20 industry sectors are joining the road testing and currently assessing the GHG emissions for the entire life cycle of their products and supply chains.

These new standards, "the Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting standard" and "the Scope 3 (Corporate Value Chain) Accounting and Reporting Standard", provide methods to measure the "indirect" emissions, which occur beyond one's own company boundaries; for example at a supplier or in the use phase of a product.

Harald Florin, Product Sustainability Director at PE INTERNATIONAL, identifies new prospects for companies looking beyond their own "carbon boundaries:" "the entire life cycle needs to be considered to avoid 'environmental problem shifting'. Companies, who involve the supply chain as well as the use and end-of-life phase, gain more credibility for their environmental activities and have a strategic competitive advantage in the long term."

Moreover, measuring the indirect emissions provide companies with a comprehensive base of information, enabling them to recognize risks and opportunities. Florin: "In other words, the companies gain knowledge about the entire impact of their activities and products and can make decisions more assured."

For road testing the new standards over 20 of the 70 companies are using PE INTERNATIONAL's GaBi and SoFi software to record and assess their GHG emissions. PE is also involved in other standardization processes and carbon footrpinting projects like the PAS 2050 in the UK, the AFNOR standard in France and the PCF'Project and "Methoden Workshop" in Germany.

As Michael Spielmann project manager and head of the carbon management business at PE INTERNATIONAL states, what all these Initiatives have in common is the fact that they are based on ISO 14044 which again is the foundation of our LCA models and GaBi software.

Sustainability is the path towards corporate actions with a view to the future and a more liveable environment. Since 1989, PE INTERNATIONAL has been supporting companies all over the world that want to go down this path consistently. Today, the company is a global leader in strategic consulting, software systems, and comprehensive services related to environmental issues and carbon management. PE INTERNATIONAL also offers two leading software solutions: GaBi for product sustainability and SoFi for corporate sustainability. More than 500 corporations and institutes worldwide trust PE INTERNATIONAL's software solutions and consulting services. For more information:

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