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Zoosa Introduces First-Ever Personal Social Impact Report

New website calls on individuals to measure and report their personal social impact

Published 02-03-10

Submitted by Zoosa

In a landscape where many Americans are "self-employed," a new website, Zoosa, is taking the corporate out of corporate social responsibility (CSR) with the introduction of personal social impact reports. Similar to annual corporate social responsibility reports, Zoosa is now challenging individuals to issue reports on their personal social impact actions in an effort to inspire others to make a difference.

"We really wanted to challenge people to highlight their social impact. Our hope is that by encouraging people to share their activities and measure their impact, it will in turn encourage more people to share their stories and get involved. It's a new year. Maybe it's time to issue your first personal social impact report," says Mike McGlade, Zoosa's CEO.

By issuing a social impact report and linking their profile to their schools and organizations, students can show their school spirit, employees can promote their corporate culture, individuals can meet others and organizations can measure their members' impact. For the first time, Zoosa makes it possible to quickly show which individuals, schools and organizations are having a social impact on a personal level.

"It can be really hard to identify areas in your life where you can have a social impact. Not everyone has time to volunteer. Everyone has time to recycle. Zoosa makes it easy for you to see the areas where you can have an immediate impact today," highlights Brian Fleming, Zoosa's CTO.

Zoosa is still in its beta phase, but already has over 2,000 social impact job postings and several thousand news stories. In addition to issuing a report on their personal social impact, community members can add CSR data to incomplete corporate profiles and comment on existing CSR information.

About Zoosa
Zoosa ( is a social enterprise business with a mission to highlight socially responsible individuals and organizations. In doing so, Zoosa makes it possible to quickly show which individuals, schools and organizations are having a social impact on a personal level.

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Zoosa is a new website with a mission to make it easier for professionals to learn about and get involved in the social enterprise sector. Our goal is to create a single destination for all social enterprise resources: news, blogs, actions/ideas, jobs opportunities, skills-based volunteer projects, & CSR reporting/impact measurement. Zoosa, it’s Social Impact / Personalized.

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