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PE INTERNATIONAL named 2010 Emerging Enterprise Carbon Accounting Leader

Published 01-19-10

Submitted by thinkstep AG

For the second consecutive year, PE INTERNATIONAL was identifie as an ECA Emerging Leader in the Enterprise Carbon Accounting (ECA) report by Groom Energy Solutions, a provider of renewable and energy efficiency solutions to organizations across the U.S.. Enterprise Carbon Accounting refers to calculating, managing, reporting, reducing and trading corporate carbon emissions. In May 2009, PE INTERNATIONAL was first named a 2009 ECA Emerging Leader in the market and has now confirmed its position based on the selection criteria: number of customer deployments, technology features, market vision and financial stability.

Groom Energy concludes in the new report that carbon emissions and sustainability reporting became mainstream in 2009 and is an essential part of a credible company sustainability program. The report titled 2010 Enterprise Carbon Accounting: An Analysis of Corporate-Level Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission Reporting and a Review of GHG Software Products evaluates vendors and software solutions for sustainability reporting. It aims to help corporate decision makers in IT, Finance, Environmental Management, CSR and Operations select an ECA offering that best fits their needs. Groom Energy's report is based on 27 vendor briefings and demos, an online survey of fortune 500 companies and feedback from previous versions of the report.

"The ECA market is flooded with 60 vendors but we expect only a few leaders to emerge as the market matures," says Paul Baier, vice president of consulting at Groom Energy and author of the report. "With its large ECA customer base and global organization, PE INTERNATIONAL is ideally positioned for success in the market."

Michael Betz, Managing Director at PE INTERNATIONAL is pleased with the results of the report. "We have 20 years of experience in this market and offer our customers a unique value. It's nice to see this confirmed by this specialized report on Enterprise Carbon Accounting solutions".

Many global companies like Kraft, Munich RE and Deutsche Post DHL who are known for their best-in-class sustainability practices, are working with PE INTERNATIONAL's sustainability management and reporting solution, SoFi. SoFi is an all-in-one solution for carbon management, environmental management and sustainability reporting in all leading standards e.g. Carbon Disclosure Project, ISO 14001, GRI, Dow Jones Sustainability Index, etc.

PE INTERNATIONAL provides consulting services and software solutions to customers around the world who want to improve their sustainability performance. With 20 years of experience in product and corporate sustainability PE INTERNATIONAL serves over 500 companies including market leaders such as Alcan, Allianz, Bayer, Daimler, Deutsche Post/DHL, Rockwool, Siemens, Toyota, ThyssenKrupp and Volkswagen. For more information:

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PE INTERNATIONAL offers strategic consulting and leading software solutions to help you improve your corporate and product sustainability.

We provide conscientious companies with cutting-edge tools, in-depth knowledge and an unparalleled spectrum of experience in making both corporate operations and products more sustainable.

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