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Registration For The International Conference & Workshops Is Now Open www.ecoweek.gr

Submitted by: Ecoweek

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Posted: Jan 05, 2010 – 08:59 AM EST


ATHENS, Greece, Jan. 05 /CSRwire/ - Happy New Year!

Registration is now open for the for the international conference and design workshops ECOWEEK 2010: ECOLOGY + COMMUNITY + ARCHITECTURE on passive solar and ecological building and a look at sustainability in local communities and societies, for architects and young architects, to be held in Athens on March 13-20, 2010.

The UN Conference on Climate Change in Copenhagen may not have yielded the expected results and commitments, but 'green' buildings are already in global spotlight and will remain - in Greece too: towards a 20% energy reduction by 2020, the implementation of EU Directive 2002/91 (Greek law N3661/2008 FEK89A) for energy conservation in buildings, for the implementation of the Law for the waste management in construction and very soon the new EU target for energy autonomous buildings by 2016.

The conference takes place under the auspices of the European Institute of Law, Science and Technology and the City of Athens.


The international conference and workshops design ECOWEEK 2010: ECOLOGY + COMMUNITY + ARCHITECTURE, is taking place in Athens again this year catering to architects, young architects and architecture students, engineers and environmental engineers.

WORKSHOPS & Thematic lectures: Design a passive solar house of zero emissions

The conference includes lectures and design workshops.

The thematic lectures will be addressed by specialists from international consulting firms such as ARUP, Buro Happold, and Sustainable Cities / CABE; including architect Ana Serra, environmental engineer Byron Stigge, the engineer Vasilis Maroulas and architect Brian Mark.

The design workshops of ECOWEEK 2010 will be hosted this year, for the first time in Greece, in 20 architectural offices in Athens. The workshop participants will learn and apply the principles of 'green' buildings in small groups in architectural firms, under the guidance of established, new and emerging architects from Greece and abroad, for three days. The subject of the ECOWEEK 2010 studios: the design of a passive solar house of zero emissions.

The architects who will host the design workshops ECOWEEK 2010 are (alphabetically): Agelidakis (www.agelidakis.com), Anamorphosis (www.anamorphosis-architects.com), Daskalakis Architects (www.rkitekts.eu), deltArCHI - Dragonas + Christopoulou Architects (www.deltarchi.com), Doxiadis + (www.doxiadisplus.com), Drifting City (www.driftingcity.com), KLAB Architecture (www.klab.gr), Kotionis Architects, Agni Kouvelas Architect (www.couvelas.net ), John Kounelis and Associates (www.artektondesign.com), Meletitiki - Alexandros Tombazis (www.meletitiki.gr), PLEIAS - Dimitris Diamantopoulos and Associates (www.pleias.com.gr), Nikos Rousseas Architect, Architects Smyrlis (www. smyrlis.gr), TEAM4 (www.team4.com.gr), K. and T. Tsipiras (www.tsipiras.gr), Michael Photiadis Architect (www.photiadis.gr) and Zerefos Tessa Architects (www.zerefos - tessas.gr).

Participation to the international conference and workshops requires registration. For more information, registration and the program, visit our website www.ecoweek.gr.


For 2010 ECOWEEK is planning an interactive workshop, building with mud and a visit to ecological buildings in Larisa on March 13-14; registration is required. Places are limited. For more information and registration visit our website www.ecoweek.gr.


In 2010 ECOWEEK will host for the first time in Greece a keynote lecture by the environmental entrepreneur, activist for 'green' jobs and McArthur "Genius" Majora Carter from the Bronx, New York, who will talk about creating urban 'green' communities. Majora Carter's TED talk was attended by Al Gore (www.majoracartergroup.com).

ECOWEEK will also host for the first time in Greece, a keynote lecture by Berlin architect Diebedo Francis Kere (www.kere-architecture.com) winner of the Aga Khan Award for Architecture and the Global Award for Sustainable Architecture 2009 for projects in the communities of Burkina Faso in Africa.

Following the keynote lectures, a buffet and a temporary installation will take place in cooperation of CARTECO with ECOWEEK.

Majora Carter and Diebedo Francis Kere keynote lectures will be held on Thursday, March 18, 2010. The lecture program and opening of ECOWEEK 2010 start at 17:30. Parnassos Foundation Hall, St. George's Square, Karytsi 8, Athens 105 61 (metro: University). For information Tel: +30.694.7405280 and Email: faidra@ecoweek.org). Admission is free.

In 2010 ECOWEEK will also host lectures by architect Sarah Grahn of the internationally renowned firm WHITE Arkitekter (Sweden) and architect Menno Koostra of the internationally architectural firm Paul de Ruiter Architects (Netherlands). Additional lectures by architects from Denmark and France will be announced shortly. The full program is posted in our website www.ecoweek.gr The lectures will take place on Friday, March 19, 2010. The program starts at 17:30. Parnassos Foundation Hall (St. George's Square, Karytsi 8, Athens, metro: University). Admission is free.

On Monday, March 15, at 19:00 at the Papasotiriou bookstore (Panepistimiou 37, metro: University) ECOWEEK 2010 will screen and present the documentary "A thousand lost golf balls" on the planned development of a golf course in Cavo Sidero, Crete; raising questions of environmental management, integrated development and the importance of local society and the environment. Director: Kalaitzis E. Script: Cliff Cook. Admission is free.


ECOWEEK 2010 includes the screening of the following documentaries. Admission free.

"Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Mathai" (Tuesday 16 / 3, 19:00, Metropolis, 54, Panepistimiou Ave., Metro: Omonia). Admission free.

The Garden" (Wednesday 17 / 3, 19:00, Metropolis, 54, Panepisimiou Ave., Metro: Omonia). Admission free.
For information: +30.694.7405280 and E: faidra@ecoweek.org

"The 11th hour" with Leonardo DiCaprio on Climate Change (exclusive promotion for High School students - free admission upon subscription and a composting bin as a gift for the school, courtesy of VELTIOTIKI-G. PAPPAS - places are limited. For contact information and participation refer to ecoweek@ecoweek.org)


ECOWEEK 2010 takes place under the auspices of the European Institute of Law, Science and Technology and the City of Athens and thanks to the support and cooperation of CARTECO, the British Council, VELTIOTIKI-G. Pappas, Metropolis, Papasotiriou, the Danish Architectural Center, the Royal Embassy of Denmark, Embassy of Sweden, the Association of Holistic Architecture and Ecological Building and ECOTEC 2010.

Media Sponsors: Athens 9.84, Kathimerini and OIKO, Athens Plus, International Herald Tribune, Athens Voice, FAQ, Eurocharity, Building Green, DOMES, KTIRIO, Ecotec, EnergyPlus, GlobalEnergy, GoNatural, Green, Kormos, QualityNet, Perivallon21, Anemologia and posters on numerous bus stops in the center of Athens courtesy of the City of Athens.

ECOWEEK 2010 is publicized and promoted internationally by the International network for Social Responsibility CSRWire, the international architectural journals DETAIL and ECOLOGIK and the Internet.

For more details on sponsorship opportunities, please contact +30.6944664242 and elias@eocweek.org


Environmental NGO ECOWEEK was established in Aegina in 2005 before developing international activity. ECOWEEK mission is to raise awareness in environmental issues and to promote the principles of integrated development worth-living. Among other activity, ECOWEEK invites to Greece some of the most important international speakers in public lectures with free admission. In 2007 ECOWEEK in collaboration with Megaron Plus ECOWEEK invited Al Gore to Athens. In 2008 the important 'green' skyscrapers architect Ken Yeang and in 2009, the guru of modern architecture Shigeru Ban was the keynote speaker of ECOWEEK 2009. ECOWEEK was established by Elias Messinas, architect, urban planner and environmental consultant in Greece and abroad.

For more information, please contact:

Phone: +30.694.7405280

For more from this organization:



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