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Companies Prepare to Share Water Efficiency, Engagement, Labelling and Footprinting Strategies

Momentum builds around annual Corporate Water Footprinting conference taking place December 2-3 in San Francisco

Published 11-06-09

Submitted by Green Power Conferences

Sustainable water stewardship is helping business save money and energy as well as prepare for future freshwater shortages, according to participants of the upcoming Corporate Water Footprinting conference. Sustainability experts from top companies including Diageo, PepsiCo International, BC Hydro, Patagonia, Raisio, Intel, American Water and Coca-Cola are speaking at the event taking place December 2-3 in San Francisco and benchmarking best practices for sustainable water stewardship.

Through a combination of corporate case studies and expert panels, Corporate Water Footprinting will offer practical advice on how water management can help companies save energy and costs and protect the watersheds in which they operate. One major focus of this year’s event is corporate engagement with policy makers and NGOs over water issues. Additionally the event will examine the latest standards and methodologies for water footprinting and labelling.

Topics to be cover

  • Water as part of a sustainability strategy
  • The development of local, regional and national water policy "“ the likely impact for corporates
  • Corporate engagement on water policy "“ the opportunities and dangers
  • Stakeholder engagement on water issues "“ working with communities on water issues
  • The human right to water "“ the controversial issue that corporate water users are now being asked to address
  • The development of a water market "“ how much will water cost?
  • Energy-water-carbon nexus "“ saving money and carbon through water efficiency
  • Green tech for water efficiency
  • Latest footprinting methodologies "“ case studies and the development of recognised standards for water footprinting

Among the world firsts at the event the conference includes a presentation by Matti Rihko, CEO of Finnish company Raisio on the first food product with a water usage label. Additionally, Robert Harmon from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation will be presenting details of the first water offset product.

Of keen interest to most participants will be the discussion on the "Human Right to Water" "“ chaired by the "Drought Doctor" and former Clinton administration speech writer James Workman. This controversial subject will be discussed by Dab Bena, Pepsi; Harry Ott, (former Coca-Cola executive); Anil Naidoo from the Council of Canadians’ Blue Planet Project and Mark Schlosberg of Food and Water Watch.

Corporate Water Footprinting’s interactive program is designed to inform those managing environmental, sustainability, facilities, supply chain, water, energy, natural resource, logistics, regulatory affairs, and public affairs functions.

To download the event brochure, please visit the event web site at:

For more information please contact Andrew Slavin, Green Power Conferences, 819-459-1162, or visit

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