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EA Logistics Publishes White Paper on Green Transport

Green Freight(R) Leader Encourages Sustainable Partnerships

Published 07-07-09

Submitted by EA Logistics

Chicago, IL - July 7, 2009 -- EA Logistics has released the company's first whitepaper on green transport entitled "Getting It There Green: Why and How to Choose Sustainable Transport Partners."

Available for free download at, the whitepaper represents an effort by the company to educate customers and peers about the need for sustainable transportation. "We want to raise awareness about how important it is to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions and explain how simple and profitable it can be for everyone involved," said Mike Ellis, EAL's president.

With that goal in mind, the whitepaper lays out the business case for green freight(R), while also describing the financial, risk-reduction and environmental benefits of adopting more sustainable shipping practices. It also identifies steps that can be taken by shippers to reduce their carbon footprint and choose suppliers who can help them achieve their sustainability goals.

"We wrote the whitepaper to share critical information and help advance the movement toward greater environmental awareness across our industry," said Ellis. With global warming legislation, carbon regulation and stringent pollution enforcement imminent, Ellis believes that companies that start to trim greenhouse gas emissions from their transport program now will be ahead of the curve.

EAL was one of the first freight forwarders to provide free carbon offsets, sequestering 100% of a shipment's CO2 emissions by planting trees in the customer's name. "Of course, offsets are only appropriate after a company has done everything possible to first reduce the carbon impact," said Ellis, who points out that the World Economic Forum recently released a study that recommended responsible carbon offsetting as a tool for addressing the emissions that cannot be eliminated through other reduction strategies.

Since introducing Delivered GrEAn by EA Logistics(R) in 2007, the program has grown to become one of the most complete green freight(R) programs in the nation. EAL incorporates a host of sustainable practices, including using alternative fuels in company owned trucks, establishing anti-idling policies, enforcing drive speed limits, and maximizing route efficiency, along with many green back office practices. EAL has also achieved the highest score on EPA's SmartWay fleet efficiency program and partners with other SmartWay carriers for most of its shipments.

EAL's sustainability leadership is most apparent in the meetings and events industry, where EA Logistics is involved in helping establish a voluntary, industry-wide sustainability standard. According to Ellis, "The environmental impact of show-related shipping can be enormous and the industry is grappling with the need for eco-responsible transportation." Because of the company's sustainable track record, EAL's specialized Event & Expo Services division has been selected for such venerable green events as GreenBuild and West Coast Green, as well as official freight carrier for the Wal-Mart/Quest Sustainable Solutions Showcase in Bentonville, Arkansas.

EA Logistics plans to continue building its green freight(R) program in the future. The company is currently in the process of implementing a GPS-based tracking system to better monitor driver compliance on drive speed and anti-idle regulations and is looking to incorporate other technological innovations down the line. Ellis asserts that the business benefits are many, "but the ultimate return on investment will be in reducing the human toll from climate change on current and future generations. It's now a conscious choice if we ignore the carbon impacts from our everyday business processes. Carbon needs to be right alongside quality, service and price during the decision process.

For more information on EA Logistics and its sustainable transport program visit

EA Logistics

EA Logistics

EA Logistics is a freight transportation company that provides service throughout the USA and Worldwide. We handle trucking, airfreight, ocean freight and rail. We ship cargo from business-to-business and business-to-consumer. The Delivered GrEAn by EA Logistics Program gives you the following eco-responsible actions at no upcharge to you. * We compute emissions and provide you with FREE reforestation offsets to neutralize the CO2 emissions from your shipments and title the offset receipt in your company's name. * We use biodiesel in our company truck fleet and encourage biodiesel use from our vendors (where available) * We find ways to reduce freight CO2 emissions by reducing freight trips (this saves you money!) * We have the highest score possible in EPA's SmartWay fleet efficiency program * We encourage our vendors to adopt responsible practices in their operations * We require no-idle at our facility and from our drivers, and we enforce drive speed rules to reduce consumption. We enforce compliance with satellite tracking systems mounted in our trucks. * And other back-office initiatives The Delivered GrEAn by EA Logistics® program can be used for domestic, international and tradeshow shipments by air, ground, ocean or rail. Your choice of freight vendors will signal to your clients that you take CO2 emissions seriously.

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