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AT&T, Quigg Newton Senior Center and Local High School Students Help Bridge the Digital Divide

AT&T, Quigg Newton Senior Center and Local High School Students Help Bridge the Digital Divide

Published 06-26-00

Submitted by AT&T Inc.

Senior-to-Senior Internet Training Week, an inter-generational program sponsored by AT&T (NYSE: T), was launched today to help bridge the "Digital Divide" for senior citizens in NW Denver.

Internet-savvy senior high school students from North High School will share their knowledge and open new online vistas for senior citizens this week at the Quigg Newton Senior Center by training them on the use of the Internet. This innovative instructional program will enable older adults to experience all the benefits that today's Internet technology offers.

"The Digital Divide is like a line drawn in the sand. On one side are those who have access to technology and skills to use it, while on the other side, are those who don't," said Joseph R. Stackhouse, regional vice president for AT&T's metro Denver cable operations. "AT&T is committed to innovative programs that help bridge the Digital Divide. We believe initiatives such as Senior-to-Senior Internet Week will add tremendous value to the quality of life for older adults in the Denver area."

AT&T, Quigg Newton Senior Center and North High School joined forces to develop the new program. AT&T donated computers, along with AT&T@Home high-speed cable Internet service, while North High School Technology Coordinator George Moreno provided the curriculum for senior high school students to train local senior citizens to fully utilize online technology.

According to Rosemary Ornelas, Newton Senior Center supervisor, seniors participating in the training program have expressed interest in discovering new information on the Internet, including filling prescriptions and making online purchases, researching hobbies, travel and local events, and communicating with loved ones around the world. Online training programs also offer flexible schedules to seniors who choose to update their skills to participate in the new economy.

Senior citizens completing the Internet training course will graduate on Thursday, June 29 at 2:00 p.m. The majority of those graduating will return this Fall to the Quigg Newton Senior Center to train other seniors on how to utilize the Internet.

In April of this year, AT&T launched the first phase of an ongoing deployment of AT&T@Home in the city of Denver. AT&T@Home will become available in the remainder of Denver throughout the year in incremental stages as AT&T Cable Services completes its upgrade of its broadband fiber optic cable plant. It is now available in the Northwest Denver area, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Golden, Aurora, Arvada, Westminster, Federal Heights, Parker and Boulder.

AT&T@Home is a cutting-edge cable service that enables customers to enjoy the Internet with easy access to the hottest content at high speeds. AT&T@Home cable modem technology offers lightning-fast connection speeds, and allows easier and faster access to a wide range of multimedia experiences, including rich graphics, near CD-quality audio and on-demand video clips.

The monthly price of AT&T@Home is $39.95, which includes: a customized AT&T@Home Web Browser, unlimited use, e-mail, chat rooms, news groups, local content and 24-hour, 7-day-a-week, toll free customer care. Installation includes professional in-home installation of an additional dataport, Ethernet card and AT&T@Home software. Now through July 31, AT&T is offering free installation and a free first month of AT&T@Home service.

To subscribe to AT&T@Home residents must live in an AT&T Cable Services area that offers AT&T@Home. It is not necessary to be an AT&T cable television customer to receive AT&T@Home service. To receive more information, call toll free 1-888-824-8103 or view AT&T@Homes' website at

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