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Idatech Delivers First Fuel Cell System To Bonneville Power

Published 06-14-00

Submitted by IDACORP Inc.

IdaTech, an IDACORP subsidiary, last week delivered the first of 110 fuel cell systems slated for sale to Bonneville Power Administration (BPA).

The delivery of the fully-functioning unit is part of a $3.5 million, multi-year contract and is the first of 10 units scheduled to be delivered to BPA over the next three months.

Shipment of the remaining 100 “beta” units is scheduled to begin later this year once the initial 10 “alpha” units have been installed and tested by BPA, . Half of the BPA program is being funded by the organization’s customers and is part of a fuel cell testing and development phase to commercialize fuel cell systems for home and small commercial applications by 2003.

“We’re pleased to have achieved this significant milestone for BPA’s Fuel Cell Development Program,” said BPA Fuel Cell Development Manager Mark Jackson. “We are working hard to bring new distributed power options to our customers...IdaTech’s fuel cell systems will offer a flexible and effective energy alternative.”

Fuel cells are a clean, efficient and flexible alternative means of generated electricity. The cornerstone of IdaTech’s fuel cell technology is its patented fuel processor which converts conventional hydrocarbon fuels such as methane, natural gas and propane, into pure hydrogen. The IdaTech fuel cell then transforms the hydrogen into electricity. Byproducts from this process are water and heat.

The systems can be used to support residential power needs, consumer applications and retail and commercial uses including serving as an uninterruptible power supply.

IdaTech, LLC is majority owned by IDACORP Technologies, the clean energy subsidiary of Boise-based IDACORP, Inc.



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