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Starbucks Commitment to Origins Expanded in North American Stores with Two New Coffees, New Packaging and Dedicated Retail Space

Starbucks Commitment to Origins Expanded in North American Stores with Two New Coffees, New Packaging and Dedicated Retail Space

Published 09-06-02

Submitted by Starbucks Corporation

SEATTLE, Washington - Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq: SBUX) reinforces its dedication to coffee origin countries and the farmers who produce Starbucks coffees through an expanded line of Commitment to Origins™ coffees that feature special packaging and dedicated retail space. The offerings include some favorites of Starbucks customers, as well as the addition of two new coffees.

“Starbucks Commitment to Origins represents a holistic view of how we do business, and the coffee we sell is just one demonstration of our total effort,” said Orin Smith, Starbucks president and ceo. “Commitment to Origins represents the way we choose to act and lead, and the way we choose to be the link between coffee growers and coffee consumers. It is this spirit of cooperation that we wish to highlight and share with our customers.”

The most familiar Starbucks sustainable coffees are organic, Shade Grown Mexico and Fair Trade selections. Two new coffees join Commitment to Origins in North American stores - Serena Organic Blend™, a well-balanced and medium bodied blend of organic washed Latin American and East African coffees, and Decaf Shade Grown Mexico, a decaffeinated version of the popular Starbucks Shade Grown Mexico coffee. Offerings also include Starbucks® Special Reserve coffees, those selections that showcase the year’s best coffee; and exclusives from established long-term direct relationships with farms and cooperatives, such as Bella Vista F.W. Tres Rios® Costa Rica and Panama La Florentina™. Starbucks exclusive coffees are the result of many years of working with farmers to maintain high quality coffee, encourage sound environmental practices, and help fulfill social needs. In the future, coffees purchased from producers who participate in Starbucks preferred coffee supplier program could also be added to Commitment to Origins.

Starbucks Commitment to Origins goes beyond coffee offerings. Starbucks coffee sourcing guidelines, a program that rewards suppliers who meet important environmental, social, economic and quality standards, is the foundation of Commitment to Origins. Further involvement includes school and health clinic construction, mill improvements, small farmer financing through Starbucks Calvert Fund investment, and the Fair Trade quality improvement project in Oaxaca, Mexico in collaboration with the Ford Foundation, Oxfam America and CEPCO (Oaxacan State Coffee Producers Network).

In Starbucks stores in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, and Germany, Fair Trade Certified coffee is part of the Company’s Coffee of the Day monthly calendar. Prepackaged bags of Fair Trade Certified coffee and additional offerings in the Commitment to Origins lineup will be available in several of the international markets early next year. To complement retail stores sales, the coffees are also available for purchase online at Business accounts such as hotels, colleges and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada may also sell or brew Commitment to Origins coffees.

“The consumer is the engine of the global coffee community,” added Mary Williams, senior vice president, Coffee for Starbucks. “Starbucks Commitment to Origins coffees are an ongoing invitation to consumers to participate in this truly global business, support sustainability and enjoy the highest quality coffee.”

While Starbucks purchases only about one percent of the global coffee supply, the Company recognizes the importance of helping to ensure coffee farmers have a sustainable livelihood. As part of Starbucks long-standing commitment to farmers in origin countries, the Company purchases the highest quality green coffee in the world and is committed to paying fair prices to coffee farmers. Additional information about Starbucks Commitment to Origins is available online at or through the Commitment to Origins brochure available in retail stores.

Starbucks Coffee Company is the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world. In addition to retail locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim, Starbucks sells coffee and tea products through its specialty operations, including its online store at Additionally, Starbucks produces and sells bottled Frappuccino® coffee drink, Starbucks DoubleShotä and a line of superpremium ice creams through its joint venture partnerships. The Company's other brands enhance the Starbucks Experience through best-of-class products: Tazo Tea Company offers a line of innovative premium teas, and Hear Music produces and distributes a line of exceptional compact discs.

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It's the way we do business Contributing positively to our communities and environment is so important to Starbucks that it's a guiding principle of our mission statement. We jointly fulfill this commitment with partners (employees), at all levels of the company, by getting involved together to help build stronger communities and conserve natural resources.

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