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Starbucks Offers Fairtrade Certified Coffee in the UK

Starbucks Offers Fairtrade Certified Coffee in the UK

Published 02-26-02

Submitted by Starbucks Corporation

Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Starbucks Coffee Company (Nasdaq: SBUX), announced an agreement today with the Fairtrade Foundation to sell Fairtrade Certified coffee in Starbucks stores in the UK.

The agreement between Starbucks and the Fairtrade Foundation means that Starbucks customers will be able to buy Fairtrade Certified coffee in all Starbucks stores by the summer. Starbucks will be phasing in Fairtrade Certified coffee from early March onwards as ‘Coffee of the Day,’ for drink in-store or take-away, and as whole bean product for customers to brew at home.

"This is good news for Britain’s coffee drinkers," said Harriet Lamb, Executive Director of the Fairtrade Foundation, "who now have a wider choice of outlets in which to enjoy Fairtrade coffee. It’s especially good news for our partners in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea for whom this is the first opportunity to supply Fairtrade coffee to the U.K."

"We are committed to making a difference to the lives of the farmers who grow our coffee," said Cliff Burrows, managing director, Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd. "We are delighted to announce this agreement with the Fairtrade Foundation (UK), and believe that making Fairtrade Certified coffee available to our customers here in the UK can only serve to help coffee growing communities."

"Starbucks hopes that this agreement will build on the success of the introduction of Fair Trade Certified coffee in North America," added Burrows. "We believe that as the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, our actions will both increase consumer awareness of the Fairtrade movement and of the benefits to farmers who produce these coffees."

The Fairtrade Foundation was set up by major development agencies and consumer groups, and checks that products meet international Fairtrade standards before awarding the Fairtrade Mark - the UK’s only independent consumer label that guarantees a better deal for third world producers.

Starbucks Coffee Company (UK) Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary Starbucks Coffee Company, the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee in the world, with more than 5,000 retail locations in North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim.


1. The Fairtrade Mark can be found on coffee, tea, cocoa and chocolate, bananas, honey, sugar and orange juice. Fairtrade sales in the UK have been growing by over 40% p.a. for the past four years and retail sales for 2001 are estimated at over £45 million.

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